Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fun with Molten Metal

Gosh, my 2010 has been so fraught with troubling events that I kind of fell off the blogging box for a while. Just the blogging box, not the art making box - that never goes away. Might be even more important during the troubling times!
I need to get back in the grove posting the things I am fooling around with. I have been working on a secret project for SOMEONE'S birthday that's had me busy for the last week. I will show that soon. Shhh.....
In the meantime I took a timeout on Saturday to play with the new soldering iron I got for Christmas. Thank you Andy and Alayna. THIS IS TOO MUCH FUN! The little trinket with the rose on it is my first attempt. It's very crude but I was happy that I managed to cover all the edges and attach the jump ring to the top without getting cranky. I can hardly wait to try again. I have all kinds of ideas for little collages I want to make. So tiny, so easy. Well, at least the collage part is easy. The soldering will take some practice. But it's the fun kind of doing something poorly - LOL!

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