Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti By Hand

If you follow Rebecca Sower's blog (there's a link on the left, too) you know that she has been gone for awhile and left behind a tease that her absence was somehow intertwined with Jenny Doh's new endeavor, Creshendoh. Art Saves is the Creshendoh mantra.

Rebecca returned a few days ago and began to slowly reveal that she had been in Haiti where she met many talented artists eking out a meager living from their handcrafts. She gave us a peek at what was to come by profiling an impoverished young woman who supports herself and her baby by crocheting little purses.

Rebecca's plan was to set up an Etsy store as a method for the artists she met to market their crafts. 100% of the profits go to the artist in Haiti. She was in the process of setting up HaitiByHand when the news came in about the devastating earthquake.

Today she took a leap of faith and went ahead and filled up the store with gorgeous metalwork by a very talented young man named Jean-David Remy. Read his story on her blog. You won't be sorry. Every single item sold today. Every. Single. One.

One woman taking her own popularity as an artist and redirecting it to benefit others who don't have a way to do it for themselves and so desperately need a leg up. Yes, art really can save.

She does not know if Jean-David is alive. Say a prayer for Jean-David as well as all of the people suffering through this horrific tragedy. And say a prayer for Rebecca Sower. The world can use more people like her.

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Rose Chuckleberry said...

Beautifully written, once again. Thank you for sharing the inspiring works of others as well as your own. xoxo many times over