Friday, October 9, 2009

Photo Art Journaling Class - some pages done!

The first assignment was to choose two photos that "resonate". Resonate meaning that they are somehow related or speak to the same "feeling". Boy howdy, this is deep. So here is the second picture. It "resonates" - no? The assignment was to print out the pictures and then scratch them and then write on them. It was suggested to write with white so it would "pop" on the black and white photo. I really struggled with that part and tried three different brands of pens and none would write on my pictures. Do over, do over, do over... That is why I finally ended up stamping the words on the pictures.
I'm not sure the "scratching" is my thing. Maybe a little too grunge-look for me but I wanted to explore, after all that's the point of taking a class, right? So I went for it. More do overs...
This third picture is the second assignment called "Echo". Pick a picture that echos the theme of the first two. Black and white and mounted on black background with white writing was the general suggestion, although she said you can do whatever you want. I really wanted this class to stretch me off the path I would normally follow so I went with the suggestions.
The pages in my little book from the hippy store are very soft paper and off-white so I painted them by dragging the paint over the paper with the edge of a credit card. The paper is very absorbent so it soaked a LOT of paint. I inserted wax paper between the pages and pressed them with a heavy weight while they dried. So far the little book is holding up to my abuse!

Now to go post them on the Flickr sight where the rest of the class can see them. Big gulp.

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SmurfyGirl said...

Very nice! I especially like the third one with the canoe and lake, because I was there when you took it. :)