Sunday, October 4, 2009

Art & Soul vendor night

I couldn't attend the classes but my daughter-in-law, Alayna, her niece and I went to the Vendor Night last night. We entered through the wrong door so a young woman lead us "upstream" as they opened the doors on the other side. OMG, they released the hounds! She was cautioning them ... slow down girls, slow down! So much good stuff and so little time. The crowds were three-deep at the tables selling the bits and bobs for making art and crowds at most of the artist tables as well.

Speaking of artists. I got to see DJ Pettitt, Stephanie Lee, Lisa Kaus and Katie Kendrick so that was cool since I follow their blogs. I never got close enough to talk to them, not that I was brave enough, anyway! I saw Michael deMeng. I SAW MICHAEL DEMENG. Stood right in front of his table and breathed some of his same air. I hope it helps. I stopped at Teesha Moore, Misty Mawn and Sally Jean's tables, too, but never actually saw them. Oh! And I saw Linda and Opie O'Brien too. Funny how people never look quite like you think they will when you see them in person. I could swear I saw Victoria MacKenzie-Childs in the crowd. She wasn't on the list teaching there or selling there but it sure looked like her. I feel like I've been to Hollywood!

They had a no-host bar (smart marketing strategy !) but I steered clear since I made that mistake at event like that once before and eventually stopped bothering to even put my debit card back in my purse; just walked from one booth to another and handed it to then - LOL!

Even at that I came home with a nice pile of "loot". Many, many colors of satin ribbon, velvet ribbon, lace and trims, a handful of old keys, including a strange Asian key, very vintage millinery flowers, some birds and a BIG stack of vintage sheet music with cool graphics on the covers, a packet of French-themed book pages and pages from an old handwritten diary. I missed out on the vintage French fasion magazine - procrastinated too long and someone else snapped it up. You snooze, you lose. Believe me, I could have spent HUNDREDS of dollars.

Now that I know what's going on, I will positively go again next year and plan to bring more money. I saw the most gorgeous necklaces and earrings with birds on them. Somehow I came away without getting a card from the artist and I have Googled all the names on the event map that are in the vicinity where I saw her and none seem to be the right artist... Grrrr!

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