Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last page from the PhotoArt Journaling class

Holy cow it's been a brutal week! I am on vacation this week and spent the first half re-decorating the bathroom. Painted, refinished the door and put in a new floor. I was so tired last night I wanted to sit down and weep and have no one to blame but myself - LOL! These projects seemed so much easier 25 years ago... What's up with THAT??
I am two assignments behind in LK Ludwig's PhotoArt Journaling class (among many other things I am now behind on, but hey, I have a spiffy new bathroom) so figured I might as well go ahead and post what I decided would be the final page in my journal. I have 5 pages left to fill in my little book from the hippy store and I am out of black ink in my printer. I do intend to finish but doubt I will get it done in the next two days!

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Rose Chuckleberry said...

Love it. Simple and sweet.