Sunday, October 18, 2009

Estate Sale

Earlier this week two different friends told me about an estate sale for their PartyLite dealer's grandmother. My day wasn't going very well until my daughter-in-law called me while I was at K-Mart buying mouse poison (that's another a story I won't inflict on you!) and asked me if I wanted to go to the sale. WELL, YES!
I found this wonderful old wooden sewing box right inside the front door. Yes, I think it was just waiting for me to rescue it. I would have paid the $3.50 just to get the two rusty old corsage pins tacked inside the lid. The dark things dangling lower on the lid are safety pins, all strung on some sort of metal clip. I haven't seen something like before and wonder if that's the original purpose. The inside holds a variety of vintage and newer ribbon, lace and trims. There are a couple pieces of lovely hand-crochet lace.
There was a huge stack of vintage sheet music, easily a foot and a half high. I picked out these for the wonderful graphics on the covers.
My dear girl loves her old books and got as many as she could carry. Really. If she could have carried more I'm sure she would have!
Funny how junk can just turn my day right around!

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Alayna Uhrig said...

Yes, I love old books! :) LOL