Thursday, March 10, 2016


I uploaded these pictures several day ago then forgot to write the post - DOH!  Better late than never.
I promised to show my favorites from the recent button tin so here we go.  These are all glass, always my favorite, and the gold one is black glass.  I adore the little bear!
I used to find a lot of Girl Scout buttons but they are getting fewer and far between.
Red glass bears.
Sadly I tossed some of the metal buttons in to my collection without taking pictures of them.  This ear of corn is pretty cool.  Who would think of putting that on a button??
A few finds in an Autumn theme. I like the name - Dandy File.  Well, that's just dandy!  8+)
My favorite find last week is this old jump rope complete with jingle bells.  It is in well-loved condition which makes me very happy.  The evidence of hours of fun from a time when children went outside and PLAYED.  Sad to think it might be an "artifact".  I loved to play four-square at recess.  Did you have a favorite game?
A great little Tiny Tim tin (say that three times fast!) for the Christmas hoard.  Oh, I mean stash.
The vintage linen remix pillow cases - so far. I finished ironing them last weekend.  I kind of like ironing pillow cases.  That is the first thing my mother let me iron.  They are kind of hard to mess up!
 I'm still waffling over taking them to the antique mall.  What do you think?  Antique mall or Etsy??


Annette said...

Those bears are so cute, and the jump rope is a real treasure! I do love the pillow cases. Maybe you could put some in both places and see how it goes.

Melissa Stanley said...

I love those glass bear buttons. As for the etsy vs. antique mall dilemma - I'm for etsy (or instagram, if you're into that) for the pillowcases. I've had really good luck selling vintage bed linens on instagram.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Those sweet red buttons remind me of gummy bears. What a fun new stash. I might be inclined to try the pillow cases in your Etsy shop first unless you have a way to display them where they won't get all wrinkled up again, lol.

Curtains in My Tree said...

Oh I would love to have some girl scouts buttons

my sister was born on Girl Scouts birthday March 12th
and when she was born the local brownie and Girl Scout troop
adopted her and gave her a Birthday party every year till she was 6 years old
She has an entire album my Mom put together for her of all the parties and the Girl Scouts in our town Mt Vernon Illinois back in 1952

I started ironing pillow cases also and always loved to iron them
You have enough stuff put them in your booth LOL

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Kathy, you sure found some great treasures. Love the old jump rope too. I remember playing 4 square also and loved that game at recess.
I love to iron pillow cases too. Maybe you should try them in both places and see how it goes. Maybe place them in a ziplock bag for display so they don't get soiled from the shoppers picking them up. Of course then you'll have folks who open the bags and don't put them back inside right.
Can be a hard call with linens. They sure are gorgeous.
Have a nice weekend. xo

rush said...

When I was young, I would ask my mom if I could iron the hankies. After I got about half way through, I didn't want to do it any more. I got bored. But, I kept going until I was done. Some time would pass, and I would ask to do it again. Eventually I got bored, but I finished. I don't know how many hankies my mom used, but it seemed like a hundred!!!

Loved seeing the Girl Scout buttons. It brought back some good memories.

During recess, I used to play four square, too. I also played some tether ball. It certainly was difficult to play those — or any — games while wearing a dress!!! I remember that my shoe heel slipped on the place where paint was put down to mark the four square game. Down I would go. I scraped my knees, but more than that, I died of embarrassment!

Laurie said...

I love those red bear buttons, too! I think the pillow case collection would do well on Etsy, don't you?

Cheryl said...

For some reason everything in those photos looks very "British" to me... I even had to look at your profile to see if you lived in Edinburgh. lol