Sunday, March 20, 2016

No Wonder!

 I am on vacation this week.  It is a stay-cation to de-frag and re-boot my brain so plenty of junking and resting on my agenda.  I have come to terms with the junkalanche being a revolving door.  I am still attempting to organize it better but the ebb and flow of junk comes with the Etsy and antique mall territory so no more beating myself up over it.
 Yes, I bought a HUGE pile of doilies which then necessitated buying a bigger tub to soak them in - LOL!  I finally found the price point where they move.  Since people are not willing to pay much for them I still wash and block but I no longer press them.  I still have the satisfaction of knowing I rescued them and passed them along to someone who appreciates them.  Which is clearly one of my missions in life since I am unable to leave them behind.
 Two pretty old books and an adorable and very vintage bisque Bavarian doll.
 I can't decide if this cake plate is a toy or just intended for small treats.  It is about 8" in diameter.  Anyone know??  The paint is starting to peel so I'm hoping I can seal it with Mod-Podge.
 Yes, I bought this and put it in my booth because some MAN will probably buy it.  It is a wooden postcard.  And his wife can say, "Is that right?  Well which one of us bought that stupid postcard!".
 And now to the title of this post...  It is no wonder those of us who grew up in a certain era have body image issues.
 It tells who?
 Complete with handy little boxes so you can check your weight and write it down each month and obsess over it.
Nowhere does it mention that if you aren't shaped that way then you should start over with different parents because that isn't how your body is shaped.


Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

So, my hips should be 1-3 inches more than my bust? I'm afraid to find out! Cute postcards and I love the red cover, peeling paint and all.

Art and Sand said...

Oh, what fun finds. My favorite this post isn't an item, but a word. I have never heard the term "junakalanche" - love it!

Melissa Stanley said...

Lots of fun finds! Oh my - that "tape"!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm glad we don't worry as much about our shape...well, I don't any more! lol Love the small cedar chest and those beautiful old books! Hugs!

Annette said...

Oh, those beautiful old books! I hope you get to go junking and rest to your heart's content.

racheld said...

Oh, My Goodness!! Last year when we were renovating the downstairs kitchen and had all the stuff from the cabinets and pantry spread all over the rooms, as well as quite a load from the "Room of Doom" which contains all the can't-get-rid-of down there, as well, one day I called it a "Stuffalanche." So delightful to find another "word-maker" who understands.

rachel, to whom the word "tape-measure" has always been as unpleasant as "toothache" or "flu"