Sunday, November 18, 2012

Plucky Maidens Junk Fest Fun

 I spent yesterday at the Plucky Maidens Junk Fest.  That Pam, the Pluckiest Maiden Of Them All, really knows how to throw a party!  I had the pleasure of visiting with two of my blog land friends and a fun encounter with a fellow button lover.  The Party Bird above was made by blog-friend Laurie, aka Magpie Ethel and she very kindly gifted it to me. Be sure to link over and check out the photos of her booth.  She has a magic touch!  The two Mr. and Mrs. Snowman sweethearts were gifted to me by blog-friend Amy from Into Vintage. She has an amazing eye for vintage goodness!
 She included the cutest little Christmas gift card.  Dang!  Why don't I ever find these!
 Naturally I had to do some shopping, as well.  Vintage white hankies, pocket watch lenses and a lovely lady that will make her way to an inspiration kit or altered Altoids tin.
 A big score of vintage sewing trims wrapped on wooden spindles.  I am not sure how I will put these to use but for now I am content to get my eyes filled up with the beautiful colors and patterns.
 A nice little packet of vintage bling for adding to my ever-growing stash.
The scale doesn't show up right in this photo because this is a large jar of buttons.  Stay tuned and I will show you my favorites in the next post.
I hope your weekend was filled with wonderful junk!


My Vintage Mending said...

Kathy I am so glad you got to go and see Miss Amy and Miss Laurie. I love how the trims are spooled around...Smiles..Renee

Annette said...

Oh gosh, that party bird and Mr. and Mrs. Snowman are just the cutest! I'm drooling once again over all the trims. Glad you had a fun day!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. The little birdie and those snowmen are just the sweetest! I love all your finds especially the pack of vintage jewels and the button jar!

vintage grey said...

Glad you had a wonderful time and look at all your pretty vintage goodies your bought home!! Love the trim!! xo Heather

lynaeve said...

Oh my gosh, you get so much beautiful and wonderful stuff from your trips. I went today, and I found 4 spools of non-vintage, okay looking lace, okay looking wallpaper, and 2 pink rolls of yarn. I never find buttons, and doily and all the things I want to find. But I also can't find a good thrift store with prices I like either. Today I went to goodwill.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

So glad you popped by for a visit at Plucky (and of course the bag of the deer candles). ALWAYS nice to visit with you!

Laurie said...

OH I AM SO JEALOUS that you guys all got to meet up! You found such amazing stuff, too! You are making me itch to run out thrifting!!!

Blessed Serendipity said...

Love your pretty finds Kathy and that festive little bird is a real sweet decoration. I hope you have a happy thanksgiving.