Friday, July 13, 2012

Where Bloggers Create v.4 - 2012

Thanks to the hard work of dear Karen Valentine at My Desert Cottage we are all back together for year FOUR of Where Bloggers Create.  I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a blogger, an Etsy shop proprietor and a sometime artist.  Oh, and I have a big-girl job in my spare time.  If you visited last year then welcome back.  If this is your first time then get ready for some conspicuous accumulation.  The photo above is the view from the doorway of my art room.  You can click any of these pictures to get a closer look.
This is a closer shot as you step inside the room.  Hold on to your hat and I will take you around my world in 43 photos.
This is left side of the room.  Most of this wall is taken up with a large closet.  The door on the left is a bulletin board and the one on the right is painted with chalkboard paint and used to keep a quick-reference for my family genealogy hobby.  The ribbon storage below the shelf is new since last year and you can read more about that project here. The shelf above holds collections and jars filled with bits a pieces I accumulate and use in the inspiration kits I sell in my Etsy shop.  This is a small room so I try to utilize every space I can.
Behind the bulletin board is a chest of drawers.  I store millinery flowers and a portion of my Etsy inventory in the drawers.
Behind the chalkboard door there is a bookcase that holds most of my collection of Buxton-style jewelry boxes and other vintage containers that I find interesting. 
I use and sell a lot of vintage lace and trims and I cannot bear to part with the tiny scraps so I save them in this jar.  I think they look pretty and it is amazing how often I dig in and come up with the perfect little piece I need.
Last year I said the jewelry boxes were mostly empty but I now use them to store my vintage bling, sorted by color.
The sweet pink floral canister on the left is filled with ric-rac.
This is the corner next to the big closet.  It is actually another closet that houses our water heater.  The door is hung with cutters and a vintage shoe bag that holds bits and pieces I don't want to forget I have.  Keeping things out where I can see them for inspiration and remember I have them is always a challenge for me.
Moving around to the next wall.  This room has an odd shape because it is a portion of an attached one-car garage.  This is the biggest wall in the room, although I still have to work around keeping the electrical box accessible.  It is behind that curtain and gauzy white blouse on the left.
I like to call my big rolling tool chest "The Husky Girl".  All that red was a little much so I used wallpaper to make her a pretty dress.  She stores my tools as well as, paints, stamps and ink pads.
Among many other things, the bookcase holds my collection of glove, hankie and vanity boxes.
They are a work in progress.  My plan is to use them to sort my ribbon and trinkets by color.
More vintage boxes hold beads, beading supplies, embroidery floss, stickers, ephemera, trinkets, you name it.  I try to keep things sorted by category so I have some hope of finding what I'm looking for.
I accumulate old books in foreign languages and buttons are one of my passions.  I use apothecary jars to store some of the smaller categories like fabric buttons and uniform buttons.
The tops of the bookcase stores a necklace "manikin" I made from a wicker lamp base and a vintage typewriter.
There is that Husky Girl again!
This is the wall and corner above the Husky Girl.
I have recently started collecting some vintage clothing, especially lingerie, both adults and children.
The top of the Husky Girl holds my paint spinner, more buttons in apothecary jars and my favorites - the glass buttons.  The boxes in the bottom of the photo hold vintage buckles.  The little mixed-media painting was in the Somerset Gallery Summer 2012 issue.  You can read more about it here.
Buttons, buttons and more buttons. You can never have too many buttons, that's what I always say!
Now we are in the next corner.  The tower of boxes hold more buttons and next to then, a big glass jar filled with wooden spools.  You can read more about the round assemblage piece on top here.
Above that I have a narrow little shelf of curiosities.  Random things I think are interesting (or creepy)
Now we're on the third wall - my workbench.  It is a big, heavy, vintage, oak buffet and it works perfectly as a workbench.  The veneer on the top drawer fronts was peeling when I bought it so I covered them with cheetah-print paper for a quick fix-up.  It is topped with a large self-healing cutting mat.  It is just the right height, provides a ton of storage and solid as a rock.  Love it!
The shelves above the workbench.  The bottom two shelves keep things I use on a regular basis handy.  The room has 9' ceilings so the top shelf requires a stepping stool and holds seldom-used items and display.  The vintage rose shelf paper edging was new this year.  A little fix-up inspired by last year's Where Bloggers Create.  You can read about that project here.
Tins and books and boxes and a funky yardstick.
Yes, I have a box just for paper scraps.  I do scrapbook and started years ago when everyone was using 8-1/2"x11" paper.  Once the scrapbook companies switched to 12"x12" paper I continued with my original size and just cut the papers down and save the scraps.  Like the lace and ribbon scraps, it's amazing how often I turn to this stash and find just what I need.
The view looking back down the bench toward the second wall.  Somehow it doesn't seem so chaotic in person!
I keep a big jar of plastic buttons on the end of the bench to entertain me while I work.  I did a give-away based on this jar a while back.  There were 1734 buttons in the jar at the time.  A few more added since then!
A lovely tangled mess of vintage seam binding - another thing you can never have too much of!
Moving down the third wall to my sewing machine table.  This is the only window in the room and it faces north so natural light is at a premium, hence the bright yellow color I painted the room.  I also installed daylight bulbs in all of the light fixtures in the room. Anything I can do to make it brighter!
A large apothecary jar holds my collection of vintage pink Christmas ornaments.  They are just too pretty to put away so I keep them here year around.  Not just for Christmas any more!
The jar doesn't have a top so I keep a pretty metal dish on top and this is where I deposit odd bits of nature and "faux" nature I pick up here and there.  The metal "bug" is made from an old-school bottle opener and two "petals" from a vegetable steamer.
Now we are on the fourth wall which is really a corner.  My son built this custom desk to exactly fit the space and my specifications.  It is one of my favorite things in the room and absolutely the place where I spend the most time.  The book shelves are 8" high so there is a huge amount of storage.  He made the desktop sturdy enough so I can stand on it to reach the top.  Love, Love, Love it!
The tiger-print dresser was my baby dresser 50+ years ago and holds lace, seam binding, ribbon and wrapping paper.  The top holds this display of some of my favorites from my postcard collection.
Milk glass hands hold some of my religious collection and a salt box shrine I made a long time ago.
This is the "nerve center" - probably the place where I send the most time in my art room.
Shelves above my desk hold button collections and things I use on a regular basis.  The book in the back in my never-ending altered book project, something I do to relax.  I have done a LOT of posts about the pages I have made in this book.  Itstores my collection of favorite quotes.  You can read more about it here.
Books and magazines and a sweet little birdie nest - I am glad he made the shelves sturdy!
More storage and things to fill up my eyes.
Jewelry boxes that contain more of my buttons collection.
Books and magazines.  I put a piece of blue painters tape on the spine of the ones I have been published in.
Time to close the lid and click the latches and declare Where Bloggers Create done for another year.  Thank you so much for visiting.  I am off to visit the other blogs and soak up the inspiration!


Blessed Serendipity said...

OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!! I LOVE your studio! I see so many things in your space that I love and had to smile because we love a lot of the same things. Your space is fabulous!


Maggie R said...

Well you certainly have a fine studio filled with so many wonderful things.
I enjoyed seeing all 43 photos :)
Thank you very much for sharing

Maggie said...

holy CRAP (and I mean that in the nicest way)!!! You have SO much tucked into your studio. I'm very impressed with all of your storage ideas. I LOVE the big Husky girl and how you added the wallpaper to the drawers!! The desk your son built is WONDERFUL--love how it fits that corner so perfectly. How nice to have that custom-built to your space.

I'm still cleaning my space. I thought the tour started Saturday, so that's what I'm aiming for....yikes, hope I'm not too late. I'll be burning the midnight oil posting it.

Thanks for the great tour! WOW!

cathy @ ma vie trouvee said...

Getting ready for this event was like a job! Oh would I have a ball in your room for a few days.....a few weeks! Your box collection makes me feel like an amateur : ) Even though it is packed to the looks very well organized. Everything at your finger tips. I love your ribbon roll. So fun to see where you create!

Andy's Attic said...

Your space in wonderful and so nicely organized. I'm sue it looks like this every day :>)
I do have to show my husband because he thinks I'm the only one who has a room full of junk that they love to be in.

vintage grey said...

Lovin' your space, and look at all the goodies you have!! So organized, and lovely!! What a wonderful place to create!! xo Heather

Doni said...

I love your space! You've got all the things I love, you display them in gorgeous boxes and trays, jars and places that make it sooooo wonderful to get inspiration from! So happy to see your room again.

Into Vintage said...

This post is like visiting a GIANT vintage candy shop. I could stand in one spot and stare for hours at all of your interesting little bits and pieces. And everything is so organized -- much envy about that! 'The nerve center' ... love that! Thanks for sharing so many photos!! xo

My Vintage Mending said...

Wow...I enlarged them all and was in awe of each tiny detail. the flicker candle under the insulator, the can opener bug, and so much more I have to come back and revisit it often. Beautifully organized and teaming with inspiration. Kathy you inspire me...Love my sweet little book and cannot thank you enough. It came and I smiled on every page....smiles..Renee

melanie said...

OMG...I love your color and your space and your satin boxes and your suitcases and your ribbons...oh...I could go on and on...thanks soooo much for is FANTASTIC!

Susan said...

Wow and I mean WOW. Loved all the pictures, thanks for sharing.

The Junque Seeker said...

Thanks so much for sharing your space! I loved seeing all your collections and trinkets, and got some good storage ideas, too.

Celestina Marie said...

Well now I am really inspired. Oh my gosh what organization and ways to showcase your supplies and collection in a wonderful space. The desk/shelve unit your son made is awesome. What an amazing piece that holds everything perfectly for you and you can stand on it. Doesn't get better then that.

I adore your glove boxes too and the vintage cases are perfect. Thank you for sharing such an amazing space and thank you for stopping over to visit me today and your kind comment.
Have a great weekend and happy creating.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

laurie -magpie ethel said...

I think we need to do a IN PERSON studio tour swap. Yours is as full as mine! What a fun place to create.

Diane said...

Oh my goodness Kathy!--this is the best used space!!..and you were asking me for tips--I'm gonna come back to this post when I need storage tips.
P.S. Love that desk your son made!!

Barbara said...

Look at your gorgeous space! I love every square inch. For whatever reason, I really gravitated toward your collection of handkerchief boxes - they look so pretty all together.

Sheila R - Blessed and Distressed said...

Love your space. Especially the desk arae your son made. What a treasure. Thanks for visiting me and sharing your space.

Sheila R - Blessed and Distressed said...

Love your space. Especially the desk arae your son made. What a treasure. Thanks for visiting me and sharing your space.

Lori said...

My Goodness! I know where to go if I need a button (or two)! Love your space--it's a place that I would feel right at home in. Love all your treasures and the unique way your store your 'stuff'--LOL! Thanks for stopping by my place as well. have a great day!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Wow, I think there is inspiration everywhere you look in your creative space, Kathy! What fun it would be just to take a look through some of your things in person. Thanks for sharing your room again this year and for visiting mine!

Marijke van Ooijen said...

What a lovely space you have..
This is space is a inspiration for me..
The desk is my favorite..

Thanks for sharing..

Love from Marijke

Cache-Mire said...

Wow! You have a LOT of treasures! And all kept neatly in their places. I am impressed! Love it when items can be re-purposed and you have a way with that. Thanks for sharing! ~ Terri

Artfully Musing said...

What a wonderful space you have. I particularly like what you have done with tool chest.

Anonymous said...

Your workspace looks like so much fun...all those yummy supplies just waiting to be used when creative inspiration hits! thanks for sharing....

and I love, love, love your vintage trio of suitcases!

visit with me if you wish....I'm having so much fun blog hopping!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Tamatha said...

So much fun visiting your space again! I found some inspiration too with your storage ideas. I love to see you people repurpose containers for storing supples. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hasn't this been fun enjoying other's wonderful spaces!!!!? Your's is just bursting with all kinds of wonderful things to use- I love the vintage clothing!

Diane said...

I love the ingenious use of vintage and thrift finds to organize your supplies. I hope to find as creative solutions for my own studio.

fairyrocks said...

Thanks so much for popping by, I am methodically making my way through the list. Don't want to miss a single person!!.
Your space, wow, I love your term 'conspicuous accumulation' made me smile with my morning cuppa. So wonderful of you to share, I could dive right into your room and feel completely at home. I too am a visual sorter so, my eyes like to see everything too. I could gush on and on about your apothecary jars and millinery. Love all your bits and bobs. Keep smiling and creating.

Geralyn Gray said...

I love is very well organized and you are never can have enough......whenever i do a project lately.....I sit down and get about half way through and I still don't have that something something that I need :)......I look at my room and I am still surprised how much I purged to move last year......I still have a lot!!!!!

Terry said...

Wow! What a fantastic room! I
Love your desk. You and your son are very talented. I am going to go back and read about your ribbon rack and your altered book. I think I have an altered book project in my future.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


"Create Beauty" said...

You have it all so well organized! That's one of the great things about this party, we have to get organized! My craft and art supplies are all in plastic storage bins since we are in transition, and it's hard not being able to find what I need...

Thanks for sharing your space!
~ Violet

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome creative space! I absolutely LOVE the vintage suitcases in the last photo, and am presently looking for some to put into my studio. Thank you for your visit to my creative space, and I look foward to staying in touch in the future!


donna said...

WOW! What a great sewing room. I am at awww. Love your sewing machine. My grandmother bought that same machine for me and I love it. Still works and sews great. I am so glad you stopped over for a visit. Thank you so much.

Annette said...

I said it last year and I'll say it again...I could spend hours and hours just looking through your room! I enlarged all the photos and may have spent over an hour looking through them! This year I was particularly drawn to your bulletin board. Some interesting looking stuff there!

Hazel (Didos) said...

Oh WOW I could spend hours here looking at your pictures, its so busy and so bright with all the colours, Thanks for popping by my blog, Hazelxo

Beth said...

Hi Kathy, Your studio is fabulous! I am amazed by the number of items you have and how well organized they all are. What a great studio to create in!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

It's no wonder you are so creative with a fabulous space like this. I agree that having everything out to see is always a good idea. Love the suitcases tucked under the table, your it all, but especially the Husky tool box. What a great idea to cover up all that red and a perfect place to store tools. Thanks for sharing Kathy.

. said...

Your studio space is like a treasure chest, full of great finds and so much to discover. I like all your storage ideas and my favourite is the one on the last picture,love old travel cases.
Thank you for stopping by my studio to be, and yes, I will keep posting as it comes along... Cheers,


bobbie said...

I love that you have made such great use of every little inch of space ~ I really admire that!!

Thank you for stopping by my 'Nest ~~~


June said...

A wonderful place to create Kathy. You have so many supplies and references. I have got to think about having my books more accessible to me too!

Rita Barakat said...

Soo much wonderful goodness everywhere you look!!! Love the suitcases under the table!

Maggie said...

Lordy, lord! That has to be the fullest creative space, I've ever seen.
Crammed to the rafters with everything a girl could need to fulfill all her creative dreams.
Loved taking a look around, oh! those buttons!

Linens Lace and Lattes said...

Oh no...please don't close the lid and click the latches! You have a wonderful collection and despite all the pictures, I want more and more! I will be back. Thanks for sharing.

LauraO said...

I don't know what to say - I'm in awe. Really. LOVE what you have done with a tremendous collection of stuff! Husky Girl - my husband has something similar in the garage. Wonder if he'd miss it? And the desk your son built? AWESOME! I'll be back soak up more inspiration. Thanks for sharing.. said...

How cheerful!

Bobbie said...

Now this is what I'm talking about...we never would have to leave your wonderful creative space. How much fun...all the in such
great storage pieces. Your collection of goodies creates such inspiration and your creative space is amazing! Thank you for sharing and visiting my blog earlier. Best Wishes, Bobbie

Karen Valentine said...

Oh my gosh I am in sensory over load!! In a good way!!! There are so many wonderful things to look at and play with and enjoy! I would be in there playing all the time!! Thank you so much for joining the party again this year!!! I loved the tour!!

A China Cupcake said...

Unbelievable custom handmade desk!! I Love your studio! The long almost room length ribbon holder is very clever too. I appreciated your progression from corner to corner. I enjoyed visiting your enormous studio . I would love you to come visit Thanks Pat Beglin

Sandy said...

Oh my goodness I love your studio!
Where to I begin? With the rolls of luscious ribbons? The vintage satin boxes? The "husky girl"? Love it all! Thank you for sharing your inspiring space.

The Painted Garden said...

Oh my goodness - - your studio is amazing and so well organized. I love the wall paper on the red tool chest - very charming.
Thank you for all of the photos.

Tina said...

wow - so much for the eye to see. Your space is wonderful and so full. Thanks for sharing and for leaving a comment on my blog.

Have a crafty week.

one crafty mess

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Can I come over to play? I could get lost in your studio for hours! Thank you for visiting me, have a wonderful creative day.

Holly Loves Art said...

Thanks so much for visiting me! Your creative space is amazing!!! So much for the eye to see.... just wish I could see it all in person.

Have a great day!

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh Wow Kathy! What an excellent set up and amazing collection of beautiful satin boxes, numerous jars full of bits (I love to save precious bits of lace and fabric too!) and buttons,Husky girl, magazines for reference - inspiration everywhere - and you are so organized.
I can see how much you enjoy creating in this space.
Thanks for sharing it all with us!

Diana said...

Thank you for visiting my humble little creative space and leaving me a comment. I have always admired your spot. So many goodies, it is so fun to collect them isn't it. Have a great day.

marie said...

Awesome space Kathy!! I love the hankie and glove boxes...they're so pretty. What a great idea to use the tool chest and I love all hte labeled boxes. You sure have used every bit of space!

Thanks for the tour!

scrappymo! said...

Love you organization. labels really help don't they? I have concussion problems and need labels to function. Always other pretty ones...your are great.

Love the use of suitcases and pretty!

Mission Mom said...

Love your space, Kathy! And I share your love for vintage repurposing...I'm hoping to broaden my own line of vintage "saves" in the future. Thanks for all the inspiration - you have a great knack for organizing in creative ways...LOVE the suitcases! Blessings!

StasaLynn said...

I think I have found a kindred spirit! Your buttons are awesome and I LOVE LOVE your curiosities shelf... nothing creepy at all!

You are blessed with a talented son to make such a fantastic corner desk and shelves for you.... I will be back and will definitely follow... want to see all that you create!

Take care,

Laurie said...

I really enjoyed seeing the room and all the detail. I so totally get how you have to keep interesting stuff in the shoe holder so it's not out of sight/out of mind! We are a lot alike, Kathy.

GardenofDaisies said...

Oh wow, so fun to look all around. What a wonderful space you have. I love those vintage glove boxes you use for storage!

Shabbyfufu said... sure have stuff and know how to organize it! Thanks for sharing....Janet

Shabbyfufu said... sure have stuff and know how to organize it! Thanks for sharing....Janet

Magic Gypsy said...

What a great studio - it's so colourful and filled with stuff. I love your rose shelf edging and saltbox shrine!

Debbie Burkey said...

Really enjoyed the tour and all your photos. You have a great space.
Thanks for sharing,

Sherry said...

Your art room is wonderful. You have so many things all around you but they are so organized. Thanks for sharing your inspiring space and I hope you enjoy many hours creating there.

bee'nme said...

Hello Kathy! What an incredibly inspiring, beautiful space!! I LOVE how your various storage/working pieces like the Big Husky girl and your work table and desk, etc become part of the art themselves in this mixed-media-heaven-of-a-studio! It all works together so beautifully! Your Etsy shop is an inspiration too - looking forward to spending more time there and here where creativity abounds!

Many thanks for the recent visit to my space and for your kind comment! I'm so happy to have met you - I look forward to seeing more inspiration here in the future!!

Hugs & Blessings,

Kristi S said...

Wow,WOW! Love your room! I could get lost in there and create forever! I love,love how you used different vintage boxes to store your goods;they add so much interest and texture! Thanks for sharing with us!

Maureen Hayes said...

Lovely space filled with so much gorgeousness! I thoroughly enjoyed looking at how you store things, what is important to you and things you use to create!

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful space with us!

katep25 said...

What a fabulous riot of colour, I love how you've bought it all together! I'm also totally jealous of your paint spinner - what a fabulous buy!

Creative Grammie said...

You have a wonderful studio! Inspiration everywhere! I participated in WBC last year and the year before that. Life gets in the way and I just was not ready this year. But I remember you and how gracious you were when you visited my blog.
Thanks for the fun tour of your studio, filled with gorgeous treasures.