Monday, July 23, 2012

You Meet The Nicest People In Blogland!

 I arrived home from work tonight to find a beautiful package from sweet Renee at My Vintage Mending.  If you have not visited her blog, you must.  Her personality sparkles through it in every way!
 This is one of the hankie bags she sells in her Etsy shop of the same name - My Vintage Mending.  She creates her own designs and her sewing is flawless.  She makes these as well as fabric "nesting bins", pillows and aprons.  She has even been published in Somerset's Apronology.  The bag is made from a beautiful vintage hankie, it is lined and just feels "cozy", you know what I mean.
 Renee, being the sweetie she is, included a bundle of some of my favorite things, lace and buttons!
The packaging was so creative.  I was too impatient to look inside and didn't get a photo before I opened them up but you can see the packaging in the background.  Love, love, love every single thing.  Thank you Renee, you made my day!
On a different note....  I am behind on everything.  That project I told you about before Where Bloggers Create is still sitting, untouched, on my desk.  My Etsy is sadly neglected as the number of sales go up and the listings go down.  Not a bad thing but I'm sure people would like something new to look at and goodness knows I've got piles waiting to be photographed.  In the meantime, the purge-o-rama rolls on and I am making great progress.  Striking while the iron is hot!  My son even agreed to build me a special cabinet to hold my vintage hankie and lingerie boxes.  Can't wait!


vintage grey said...

Renee is the sweetest, and so talented with her beautiful creations!! You lucky girl!! xo Heather

My Vintage Mending said...

You my dear are far too kind. I can't even get around to posting all that has come in my mail. So glad you liked all your goodies. Ditto my dear...enjoy...smiles...Renee

Laurie said...

LOVELY little bag! And -- how nice when the family gets involved in your cleaning/sorting/purging!

Barbara said...

Of all of the nice people in Blogland, Renee has to be one of the nicest. (And who on earth would leave an offensive comment to you? You're right up there with Renee, nice-wise!)

Into Vintage said...

My etsy shop is suffering the same fate as yours at the moment. At least Renee is getting something done/made and quite beautifully, I might add. ;-)

Annette said...

Blog friends are the best! That hankie bag is so cute. I hope you show us the cabinet when it's finished.