Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some Fun For Me Tonight

I don't usually shop eBay unless I am searching for something very specific but I ran across this listing when I was looking for a finial for my Steampunk lamp.  Don't ask me how I got from lamp parts to vintage buttons...  LOL!  How could I resist a button listing with low (fair!) shipping.
When I got home from work tonight, the package was sitting on my kitchen table.  I will be having some fun tonight!!


Annette said...

I hope you enjoyed your evening. I picture you rubbing buttons on your teeth all night, lol!!

My Vintage Mending said...

Oh boy..the green one in the front yum....that sweet diamond shaped blue one on top...yep that one. You see it is like counting coins to me. I get all excited. Have a great time....smiles...Renee

Betsy said...

How exciting! It's always so much fun to go through a new pile of buttons. Enjoy.