Monday, February 20, 2012

The Rest Of The Weekend Pick And A Little Peek In The Other Art Room

 I went out again on Sunday and think I managed to satisfy that junk-Jones I had going on!  I visited a second sale in the most amazing turn of the century house.  That is one of the things I love about estate sales, sometimes you get a chance to see inside those wonderful old houses - up close and personal!  I had to keep circling and asking myself if I had been in that room already.
 I also went back to the book hoarder house.  Even on the third day you still had to turn sideways between the stacks and not for lack of customers.  I picked up this one because who could resist that cover??  The book was published in 1854 so I will have to actually read it and see what is inside.  The sub-title is "and what I saw there".  The era would make me think it is the evils of drink but the font is a little too light-hearted for that.  I will report back.
 Doesn't this sheer bow look like an angel?  I see a project here.  Those magazines were from the book hoarder, as well.  I picked these two out of the stacks for the ads.  I could have thumbed all day.
 When I got home I walked out to The Husband's art room (the shop) to let him know I was home.  He was turning an exotic hardwood called Padouk. 
The sawdust was the most amazing orange color, way more vibrant than photos in the poorly lit shop can convey.  When the sawdust is freshly turned it is a bright, vibrant orange.  Beautiful wood!  He is experimenting with making corkscrews and bottle openers so keep your eye out for them to appear in his Etsy shop.


laurie -magpie ethel said...

I did not hit any sales Sunday either. The book hoarder one sure sounded interesting stuff!

Annette said...

Glad to see you were able to find something the second time around. I hope the book is as interesting as it sounds!

Diane said...

Oh!! This makes me so excited for Spring to come--not for the weather--we've had no snow at all--but for the garage sales to start up--they get going in April--I can't wait.
Everything you found would have been mine--we'd be fighting over this stuff :)
P.S. That sawdust would be a great collage element!

cathy @ma vie trouvee said...

Oh I am missing my flea markets! Love that book. Will be interesting to see what it is about and you can actually read it. My french ones ) I did not have a clue!

My Vintage Mending said...

I always go through rooms twice. Just in case I didn't see something. That is an amazing book cover. I love to get them home and see what is tucked inside. I have found love letters, postcards, poems, prayers, all kinds of things. Well done again. Smiles...Renee

Betsy said...

I need to send Mr. MST up there for a few lessons:-) I can see the hoarder house now, love what you were able to purchase late in the sale.

Laurie said...

Oh, neat finds!