Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Plunder and Bling

 On Sunday my son and I visited Rejuvination Hardware to buy a fancy light bulb for a project I'm planning.  If you live in the area this is a very fun store to visit.  They sell reproduction vintage hardware as well as the real thing.  If you are like me and old escutcheons and vintage doorknobs take your breath away this this place is a must see!
On our way home we swung by Antique Alley.  He was searching for vintage woodworking tools and I am always game to walk through an antique mall.
 I came away with this little armful of lace, bling and another satin dresser box.  Seriously, can you really have too many of those??  Honestly, I do have a plan for them.  Another story for another day.
 I made my weekly trip to the VOA on Saturday.  I have been having excellent luck on finding buttons lately but the plastic flowers and corsage were my favorite finds for the day.  The candle ring near the center of the picture is a thicker plastic, almost like Lucite only flexible.  This might just have to hang around my house for awhile!
The buttons were nothing special but still... they are buttons!  A co-worker told me today that he watched an episode of The Hoarders last night and they opened a box and the poor woman screamed "my buttons!".  A hoarder I am NOT, but I sure hope they let her keep those. 
I didn't take a very good picture of the little bowl.  It is vintage porcelain enamel with two little birds.  I am not bothered by the chip on the edge.  Too sweet to leave behind.
I hope your weekend picking was good!


Into Vintage said...

The great thing about buttons is you probably need about a billion of them to really be considered a tv-show-worthy hoarder. Small is good.

PS Why haven't I ever been to Antique Alley?!

My Vintage Mending said...

I have order many lights from Rejuvenation. They are fantastic and so well made. I love that enamel bowl. Buttons are just worth keeping even hoarding. Smiles...Renee

Diane said...

Oh---you can never have too many buttons!!

Betsy said...

I'm drooling at the sight of all your treasures....just what I would have to fight you for if we ever shopped together, haha. Good thing buttons don't take up much space!

cathy @ ma vie trouvee said...

When I watch those shows...I question if we (us collage artists) have a tad bit of the hoarding gene in us! the hubby thinks so!

Andy's Attic said...

I must get over to that VOA!! I love the dresser boxes and that little bowl would have come home with me too.

Annette said...

The bling made me happy! But so did the buttons, gitter, flowers...!

Linda Carole Bloom said...

Love all the treasures you found!

Laurie said...

Yikes, that poor hoarder! I didn't see that episode, but I hope she got to keep her buttons!