Monday, January 2, 2012

The Party's Over...

 ... and tomorrow it's back to work and the real world.  The cold Winter weather is perfectly cozy for the Christmas holiday but once it's over I am immediately ready for some warmer weather so I will start off this long post with some pretty plastic sunshine.  These were "picked" this week.
 Oh yes, I did some picking this week.  You can click the pictures to get a closer look and my tiny treasures.
Oops, there's that plastic sunshine again!  I bought one poke-sack of ugly ornaments just to get the red one in the center of this picture.
  I don't know if I have ever mentioned that I have a thing for keys. It all started a few years ago when we went to Las Vegas and there was a fabulous bench sitting outside one of the clubs. It was covered in old license plates and the the bottom of the seat was decorated with "fringe" made of keys. That started my fascination with keys. I eventually made a mosaic patio table with key fringe but the obsession didn't end there and I buy them any time I find them. Wacky, huh.
 One day I even donned my dust mask and rubber gloves and headed over to the bins.  I squinted my eyes at the clothing bins and tried not to come home with a ton of washing and ironing for myself.  I was pretty successful and just a few crochet pieces made the cut.  Love that 1964 copy of "Barbie's Secret".  My first thought when I saw the title was, gee I hope she isn't pregnant.  LOL - it sure isn't 1964 anymore!
 On my way home I stopped at a Goodwill that is off my regular route and found this wonderful paper doll.  She went straight to Etsy and is already on the way to her new home. 
 To the left you can just see the corner of a 1955 copy of The American Home magazine.  More about the magazine below.  The ads are a hoot!
 I got a Wilton's cake decorating booklet that looks like 1960s.  I would say mid to late '60s since one of the cakes is called "Mop Top Music Makers".  The figures have Beattles haircuts but one is playing an accordion so I don't think Wilton's was exactly getting it, but they were trying.  I should have taken a picture of that one.
 This pink and white ornament is pretty tattered but I bought it for the idea.  Planning ahead for crafting!  Will definitely be keeping my eye out for those satin balls in the coming year.
 Neat biscuit cutter.  This is the first one I have seen with such a big handle.
 Flash bulbs - ha!  They are sparkly inside - 'nuf said.
 Back to that magazine.  Love these old advertisements.  1955 is the year I was born.  I don't know what my folks were driving but I'm pretty sure it wasn't a swanky new Chevrolet with wide white walls.  The first new car I remember them having was in 1960 and it was a pink Rambler.
 This woman was apparently the editor of the magazine and they were showcasing her home.  I don't know what her name is but apparently she was so famous back then that she had to wear shades to go out to the kitchen.
 Pink and aqua.  I wonder what the women 50 years from now will think when they find an old magazine from 2011.  What we are living today will be retro then. 
 WHOOSH!  That's just how 2011 sounded when it flew by.  I hope 2012 will be a slower one!
 I want that refrigerator!
 And this wallpaper!
 But I do NOT want to wear ballet slippers to sweep my floor!
The last junk trip yielded another poke sack of buttons and another biscuit cutter.  That poke sack included the creep-out find of the week, as well.  I full sized adult molar.  No kidding.  I have found baby teeth but this was the first adult tooth.  There is a first time for everything.  I spared you the picture.
Sorry this post is so long.  If you're still with me, thanks for stopping by.  I am looking forward to returning to the regularly scheduled blog reading this week and will see you there!


Laurie said...

Wow, I rarely find a bag of buttons that large anymore! A molar!! That is hilarious!! I love looking at old magazines, too. Whoosh!

Annette said...

Oh, what fun finds! I can't wait til I can walk around again and hit my favorite shops.

Into Vintage said...

I'm inspired to give the bins one more try although I never seem to remember gloves when I go. Now that I know human teeth are to be had, maybe I'll do a better job of remembering!

PS Love that you bought a bag to dig out one ornament ... welcome to the dark side. :-)

Linda Carole Bloom said...

LOVE all that lace trim you found! I love the old magazine ads too, I have one of a doctor recommending Camel cigarettes, and all the women are in high heels and full skirts - while cooking and doing laundry. And, thanks for not photographing the molar!!

Diane said...

Aren't you glad that people don't throw things out from years ago?!...except for the tooth--that is a first for me too!
Love those biscuit cutters--when I see knobs like this--I always think of knob tops for boxes
Hope your Winter passes fast--we just got our FIRST snowfall of the season yesterday, which is incredible, but I hate it already!

My Vintage Mending said...

Kathy I love that you always look for the good stuff. You don't just expect it! Look at all this wonderful stuff. Oh and by the way I look just like that when I mop and sweep...tutu and all! Those plastic daffodils...gorgeous. I am off to poke later this week...smiles...Renee

Betsy said...

Wow! What a load of goodies you have here. You know I love buttons, and all those other treasures make me smile too. An adult tooth? That's really bad! I wonder what the story is behind that. Love the old magazines; they're always good for a few laughs:-)

One Gal's Trash said...

Hi Kathy!
Don't you just LOVE vintage cake decorating books? I can't pass them up!