Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Swiss Family Robinson Family Travel Journal Comes Home

 I first told you about this little travel journal in this post.  Yes, it really was that long ago.  I most recently told you about it this post when I got a very happy surprise in my mailbox.
 I arrived back home this week.  Somerset Gallery only had room for a few of the pages so I will show you "the rest of the  story".  I was visioning a chronological journal so the caption on this first page is Preparations For Escape.
 When I took apart the mostly apart already book I harvested the illustrations and some chapter titles to re-use in my journal.  The caption on this page says Wanderers From Home. There is a little envelope for stashing memories.
 The caption on this one is New Discoveries and there is a library envelope on the facing page for journaling and mementos.
 A Castle In The Air and another envelope decorated with a bird illustration from the original book.
 The illustrations were all black and white so I added some hand-coloring with colored pencils.  More tiny envelopes for treasures.  These envelopes are the little ones that hold the extra buttons that sometimes come with clothing and I tea-stained them.  The caption is Adventures.
 A Tour Of Discovery and A Fairy Palace.  Velum envelopes this time so you can see the contents.
 This caption says Another Excursion and the bottom of the page is decorated with a piece of fabric salvaged from the binding.
Tea-stained tags that spell out HOME and the caption on the final page is The Return Home.
Now I just need to go off on an adventure with my family so I can fill 'er up.  HA!, silly me, my whole life with my family is an adventure!  8+)


Diane said...

Oh just love each and every page! so much to see--and even more special because it was published!
Have a great Christmas!

My Vintage Mending said...

This is beautiful. I love these old books. So much so that I hoard them for fear I will one day never find them again. I never thought to dismember them but this is more beautiful than I would think to come up with. Thanks so much for the inspiration...Merry Christmas my friend...Renee

oldgreymare said...

If I ever actually traveled anywhere, I would want this along. It is wonderful.
merry Christmas girl..make it a good one :D

Annette said...

Kathy, this is wonderful! I just love everything about it. Especially the different envelopes for keepsakes. I'm always in awe of your books!