Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tenacious Junking

Man, I had a hard time spending any money this weekend - LOL! I wasn't really expecting too much since it's Labor Day weekend. I figured a lot of people would just hold off, thinking they wouldn't get a good turnout because so many people would be out of town. I went ahead and checked the listings and didn't see anything that looked interesting for Friday. I was a little bummed since I had the day off and almost never get to hit them on the first day.

I found one listed for Saturday that was inside my driving navigation bubble. I didn't have much cash in my pocketbook so I stopped at the ATM on my way and apparently jinxed it. It was a complete waste of time and I left empty handed. It was one of those sales where they say "no junk, all good stuff". Well ya. If I want some brand spanking new stuff I'll go get some at the store. Show me the crap!

I was so bummed that I stopped at the VofA a whole day ahead of schedule and couldn't even find anything there.
Junking sadness....8+(

Not ready to admit defeat, I checked the listings again this morning and found one right around the corner that was Sunday and Monday only. Huh? Sunday and Monday? That means today is the first day - WooHoo! Like a junking do-over.

When I got there I was immediately discouraged when I realized that nothing was priced. I frequently turn around and leave at that kind of sale. You know how uncomfortable it is. "So what will you take for this?". "Oh, I don't know, make me an offer." Well great. I want it to be 25 cents, who doesn't? But you don't want to offend them. I usually just look around and leave. Then I spotted a little vintage train case under a table. Big sigh. Gotta have it.

I bought the little cutie plus this full-size vintage suitcase. If I ever learn to be a better photographer you could see the lovely teal-blue color and the leather trim on the sides and handle. Love it! Instead of the usual satin lining it is lined with brown plaid flannel. I have no clue where I am going to put it but if I could set it up on a table so it was open my newly "respected" lace would look beautiful it it! I got an old service bell - you know, the kind you ding when you need some help. I might have to ding it once in awhile just to bug the husband! For the first time ever, I found an Infant of Prague. I know there are people who collect them. Mary Randolph Carter, one of my idols, comes to mind. Unfortunately, when I got it home and washed it I realized it's poor little head had been snapped off and glued back on. That's okay. He is in a kinder, gentler art room now. I got a boatload of vintage greeting cards, old envelopes, assorted ephemera and old stationary boxes. This Dennison Handy Book is my favorite!
It looks like a book when it's closed. When you open it up there are little compartments of labels with some of the original contents still included. Love it!
In junking as in life, perseverance paid off!


Diane said...

I say you did very well this weekend! The only time I was able to go was on Saturday this week, and it was pouring rain, windy and 60 degrees-the only day like that this week of course, so I ended up just going to the mall :)
I'm like you--I hate when there's no prices and have to make offers, because then the people get mad when the offer is too low. Everything that you brought home is the same kind of stuff that I would have snatched up too :D

Sheilla ~ Style de Bohême said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, Style de Boheme. I'm so happy that you liked my key project. I've enjoyed visiting your blog as well....I can see from this post that you're a junker after my own heart! What wonderful finds!!!! Here's an idea for the large suitcase, if you have room for a table and/or need more storage. (I know I'm always bringing home more STUFF than I know what to do with or where to put it.) Make a table out of it. That's what I did for craft paint storage. just put it on top of a small table for a temporary fix, or attach legs from the hardware store for a more permanent one. I've found this to be quite handy for me. I think I'm going to really enjoy following your blog, and would be ever so pleased should you decide to follow mine as well. Kind regards, Sheilla