Monday, September 13, 2010

One Sweet Little Beach Treasure

We did wander through several antique malls while we were at the coast but I only picked up a couple things. The prices were pretty high, in part because there were a lot of really nice things. One place had things I have only seen in books and I felt like I was in a museum! Very fun to look at but I'm more of a junk rescue kinda gal - you know?
I do want to show you this one little piece because it's just so darned cute! This little crochet pincushion measures about 3" across. There is a button on each side and when you open it up it is a little mending kit complete with a pink plastic thimble in the center. How cute is that! The top has a nicely finished felt layer on the inside to give it some added heft so you can use it as a pin cushion.
These pictures were taken using my new "McGiver" light box. Well, more of a light wall, really. I taped together two pieces of foamcore so they would stand up and then put another piece underneath. I used all the room lights and then pointed in two task lights. Obviously I have some work to do. There are still a lot of shadows and I tried to adjust with the auto-levels in PS and it turned the background blue so I had to revert back to the way it came from the camera. I think I need to use that camera feature where you show the camera what white is. Ahem. Lots of room for improvement in the photography department!

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