Thursday, September 16, 2010

And Now for Something I Really Do Collect

This is my collection of vintage aluminum "baskets". I say baskets because they all have handles. I don't have a lot of room in my house so I store and display them hanging from cup hooks above the washer and dryer in my laundry room. When I accidentally hit them with the laundry basket they make a lovely clang - bonus!
I met so many nice people last week that I am linking up again with "Show and Tell Friday" over at My Romantic Home. Be sure to check it out, you won't be sorry!


Diane said...

Now these are very cool!

Annette said...

I love how you have them displayed! I think I would like the 'clang' too!!

Susan said...

What a beautiful display!!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

I love the vintage aluminum pieces. Great display!

Sheilla ~ Style de Bohême said...

Pretty collection!

Curtains In My Tree said...

Love your baskets they look so good all hanging around together.

I noticed you are around Portland Oregon I have family out there.
I am attending the Expo next march. already have my ticket on a jet plane.

Last year I didn't buy much but I love being there.
I want to be in Round Top Texas this month. So glad you found my blog now I can see all your treasures, lots of them looks like mine. we like same stuff.


Esther said...

You have a lovely collection. I would never have thought to display them like that. Much more interesting than lined up in a cupboard.

I'd like the ding too.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Pam said...

What a great collection. I am collecting silver pieces right now and keep running across the aluminum. Maybe I'll have to add aluminum to my list now.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad I found yours.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Wow! What an amazing collection! I've never heard of these before....but I'm likin' what I'm seein'!!

Thank you SOOOO much for your kind comment about my photography. I've been surprised by how much I've loved that side of blogging. I always thought it was a bit nerdy....until I started doing it!! So your comment meant a lot to me. Thank you. x