Friday, June 25, 2010

Sparkly, Chippy White, Tarnished, Pink Hangover

When I signed up for Where Bloggers Create II I knew it would be a party but I wasn't expecting a week-long Greek wedding! I have spent nearly every spare moment since last Saturday morning visiting blogs and discovering amazing artists, studios and craft rooms around the world. I am finally down to about 20 more in the "S"s and YES, I will finish. I am exhausted.

I got my eyes filled with candy and I got a ton of ideas but I also got another take away that seems even more important. As I made my way through the posts a theme emerged. There were different age groups, different decorating styles, different art, different crafts, different income groups and even different countries. Over and over again the words behind the photos revealed the common bond of a need to create something with their hands. There were women, that if you passed them on the street, you would say she is different than me, I have nothing in common with her. And yet, we do. We are the same in asking what can I make from this, how can I create something that is beautiful to my eyes, how could I not?
It was an amazing thing to see.

I sure don't envy Jo Packham. I can't even imagine how she is going to pick the winners with so many wonderful art rooms to pick from. She has YEARS worth of magazine articles just waiting to be written.

Somebody please help me! I can't stop rearranging my stuff!


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

She sure does have her job cut out for her, doesn't she? This is a wonderful and thoughtful post and so true. I loved your artist studio. Only a true artist could cherish and love a red tool box. It's fabulous. :) Lynn @thevintagenest

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

You're not kidding! I still haven't even made it 1/2 way through and oh my gosh, how to choose? It's been fun though and I've met some awesome new folks, like you!

Diane said...

I admire you for going and visiting Everyone--I wish I had the time to do this-- from what I saw, there are some pretty amazing artists out there. And it's so true what you said. If we met each other in real life, not knowing what we do, we'd keep on going. It's wonderful to find so many people out there that you can connect with.

Lynnae said...

I love that epiphany. No one gets me around here but look at all these hundreds of women who understand, and have the need to create also, whether they make money at it or not, have a big space or borrow the kitchen table. I Love creative ladies!

Charlene said...

I just posted about your studio. Thanks for visiting mine. It's taking forever to get all of them visited so I feel your pain. I see you have my friend Cami on your sidebar. We were roommates for one night at Paper Cowgirls Art Event. WHAT FUN!!! Charlene