Sunday, June 27, 2010

A few strange notions

This Sunday wasn't a red-letter junking day but I did score this handful of goodies. I love the colorful foil in the needle book and the brass stencils. If you click to enlarge I think you can make out the details on the wonderful old screw-on earrings. That gray color you can barely see in the background is a box of vintage over-size ledger paper.
I also got another Scrabble game for my friend, Carol's, project (shh, she doesn't know yet) and a 1972 Bookcase Game called "Outdoor Survival". We are going on a group camp out later this summer. Both of our sons will be going along and one of them is an accomplished outdoors man. I figure this game will be a hoot by today's standards. For sure it won't suggest you remember to take along your cell phone and GPS!

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