Saturday, March 21, 2015

Finds and Buttons

Well now, this week certainly went by in a flash and here it is, Saturday again.  There wasn't a lot of time for junking this week and that is a GOOD thing since, if I don't see it, I can't be tempted to drag it home.  Today's mission is to organize the booth stash and chase dust bunnies out of the house!
This birdie planter was a gift to myself for having to work last weekend.  It was found and Nina and Joe's and you know it didn't take me even one second to know I had to have it to add to my collection.
This beautiful book was published in 1939 and it is filled with art prints.  I plan to list it on Etsy even though it weighs about a million pounds to ship. I am always reluctant to list the heavy stuff because of the shipping cost but I have to remind myself that not everyone is the cheapskate that I am.
Pretty pillow ticking and lace yardage that I can use in my inspiration kits. The book with missing covers is a history of Minnesota.  There are some great pictures inside so it is a good "cutter".
A sweet angel hair angel tree topper and a few jello molds.  I grabbed that rattan trivet because I saw a clever idea on Pinterest where someone hooked a bunch of them together and made a small rug.  I see the trivets pretty often and always pass them by but thought I might like to try making one of those.
A delightful tea pot tin and a quilted yellow vinyl sewing box.
A little pile of lace ruffles and an embroidered table topper.
These are my favorite buttons from the latest mother lode button score.
Mother of pearl, glass and china.
I have not found the china stencil with this black design before.
After I took this picture I noticed I should have given this one a little scrub first.  I used to find Girl Scout buttons all the time but they seem to be getting few and far between now but still more frequent than other scouting buttons.
Hope you all have a junky weekend!


Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I see lots of fun goodies here. You know I'm drooling over these buttons. I went out to at least a dozen sales today, but didn't find one button.

NanaDiana said...

Lots of fun things--I remember those girl scout buttons. What fun to find those things. xo Diana

Jewels said...

Just love too see your scores - mine are few and far between these days. Be careful cleaning that lovely tea tin LOL

Annette said...

The teacup tin grabbed my attention right away! And the bird planter is so sweet. It's a good thing to gift yourself once in a while!

Marrianna said...

I'm thinking of the USPS or FedEx flat rate boxes for the book, if it fits. And everything looks quite lovely. I've not shopped in stores since December. Most everything I get is online. I just returned home from rehab and I am hooked up to oxygen so I don't want to use any portable oxygen units to go shopping. I'll have to pay for the tanks so I'll save them for doctor appointments. Keep shopping and posting so I can enjoy vicariously all the fun you are having. Not to fear, I've been shopping online for art supplies but not on Ebay or Etsy, yet.

Take care, Marrianna

CATHY said...

that bird is a keeper! so glad you got him for yourself. so pretty.

Laurie said...

Oh yeah I would have had to have that bird planter, too! Those heart buttons are wonderful.