Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hillcrest C.1820

One last look at the farm before I return to my regular agenda of random rambling and Portland junk.
The farm is called Hillcrest.  They don't have any livestock (so far!) other than the chickies so they stenciled a chicken next to the horse on the garage.
This is the view from the house looking down past the garage to the barn.  I miss watching the two of them stroll down there in their boots every morning to open the chicken coop and gather eggs.
{{big sigh}}
The back side of the barn where you can see the neat old stone foundation. That door at the top opens in to the hay mow where the hay is stored.  The property is currently farmed by an Amish gentleman who grows hay and soybeans.  He harvests the hay and gives it to them in payment for using the land.  It is a nice arrangement since my son can't be there full time.
A closer look at the hand-stacked foundation.  The original barn burned down and this one was built in 1957.  It was not as large as the original so the old foundation extends past the current structure.
This is what remains of the old milk house.  The round thing on the left is a well.  Water would be pumped up from the well and circulated through the trough on the right to keep the cans of milk cool.  The well has a wooden lid.  My son lifted the lid for us to look down inside.  One of the kittens had climbed up in the tree behind it, un-noticed by any of us, and suddenly decided to try to jump down on to the rim of the well!!  Luckily, my son has fast reflexes and swooped him out on to the grass as he was going down.  Wowza, we all shrieked!  No kitties were harmed in this incident.
The soybean field is behind my son.  The property runs to the tree line you can see in the back.
I have never actually seen a soy bean still in the pod before.  The crops in the area all seem to be soybeans and corn and they rotate the fields between the two.  One of the things that was really noticeable to me is the absence of fences there.  There are very few fences around yards or farms, just vast stretches of green broken up by stands of trees.  VERY beautiful.  I didn't realize we were so territorial here in the West and feel compelled to put fences around what is "ours".
Farmer Andy playing with his favorite toy.  That bucket on the front of the tractor sure came in handy when we were switching out the cook stove for the heating stove!  I have tractor envy.
On our last morning I finally spotted a flash of red and saw a Cardinal. It is a crummy picture, shooting straight up in a tree with my phone so you'll have to just trust me on this one.
Endless thanks to our host and hostess for letting us invade them for 9 wonderful days.  I miss you guys and the farm so much!


Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I don't blame you one bit for missing the farm and your son and DIL already. They sure are a good looking couple and are so lucky to be living with these beautiful surroundings. I love that barn!!

CATHY said...

Their farm is absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful place for a young couple to start their life together. I love edamame (soy in the shell) and eat them all the time. They are a great snack but I especially like them with salmon. I did not know they grew them in PA. What a fun place for you to get away to every once in a while.

The Junque Seeker said...

PA is a lovely place. I haven't been in years, so thanks for sharing the beauty. And thank goodness for soybean farmers! I've had edamame twice this week! Yum.

Marrianna said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful post full of great photos of your family in PA. The farm looks so inviting. I'm glad to be reminded of the soybean snacking idea as I really need more healthy snacks in my diet.

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Kathy, what a beautiful farm. I can see why you would miss it. Love seeing your family. The tractor is awesome. The soy bean is amazing. I am sure the cute couple are enjoying every minute in this wonderful setting.

Thanks for sharing your adventure to PA.

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

What a gorgeous property!! Love those barns and the acreage! They look so cute, I don't blame you for missing it and them already! :) Have a great day Kathy! xo Holly