Thursday, September 25, 2014

Amish Country, Burton OH and The Chickies

While we were in Pennsylvania we went to a Brewfest in Burton Ohio because we are, well, from Oregon (the mico-brew mecca).  Speaking of Oregon, they pronounce it Or-e-GONE everywhere we went.  The lack of micro-brews is notable in that area so it was fun to finally get to sample some of the local offerings.
On the way we stopped at a place called The General Store where I was very surprised to find the Amish more or less selling themselves as a tourist attraction.  I was very respectful and never photographed any of the buggies going down the roads while we were there but they were even offering buggy rides here.  No, we did not go, lest we burn in H-E-doublehockysticks.
I found these hankies at a different Amish grocery. They had stacks of plain men's hankies, floral women's hankies and these adorable farm scenes that must be for the little boys.  Horses and cows and chickens, oh my! They are not Amish-made but the pictures are SO adorable that I had to have them for my hankie collection.  We also got homemade bread and some delicious cheeses.
I DID pick up a used Amish horseshoe at The General Store (they had a basket full for $1 each) and a SHOT GLASS.  My husband has a collection but I didn't see this one coming! I also squashed a penny for the Granddaughter.
Speaking of chickens...  this is the view from the front porch.  We were standing there one morning and Doofster the Rooster and the chickens started making a huge commotion just past that tree in the center of the picture.  My son grabbed the broom and bounded down the stairs shouting "chicken hawk"!!  It was pretty amazing how Doofster sounded the alarm and the hens scattered for cover.  No chickens were harmed in this incident.
Chickens crossing the road....
Doofster keeping watch over his ladies.
Back to Burton Ohio.  Many of the towns in this area have patterned themselves after the town in New England and have a town common with a bandstand.
As we passed through the small towns we saw two weddings taking place on the town commons.  What a delightful practice!
The Burton brewfest was our bad weather day.  The event was a muddy mess, very much like our annual Rose Festival here in Portland! We felt right at home.


Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I'm happy to hear you tourists from Or-e-GONE found a good brewfest and had such a fun shopping day. Wow, the view from the front porch is so pretty and so green. Good to hear that the chickens were saved and made it to the other side of the road.

Curtains in My Tree said...

Funny how different states pronounce different states LOL
I always say ore gun

Laurie said...

What fun! Your chicken story cracked me up! Those little hankies are delightful!