Thursday, January 3, 2013

Crowd Control and What I'm Working On

A bright, shiny new year feels like a fresh start, don't you think?  Like many people, it puts me in the purge and de-clutter frame of mind.  Top on my list this year is my Etsy.  I recently passed the 400 sales mark and decided it is time for me to clean up the mish-mash, get some focus and make an effort to "brand" myself a little more so people know what they can expect when they go to my shop.
Men's sewing patterns just don't sell.  Gone.  (Amy, I saved the tissue for you!)
I don't know enough about vintage jewelry or beads to even describe it well.  Gone.
I am working on packaging for my inspiration kits so they make a nicer presentation instead of just a pile of stuff packed in a box.  I don't think I am ready to commit to printed headers so will probably go with sheet music fold-overs for now.  I am trying to keep them envelope-friendly to keep the shipping cost low.  All three of these are pretty big but I have plans for different sizes, meaning different price points.
I am thinking of adding international shipping to the listings.  I currently ship international but the customers have to convo me and then I add it to the listing.  I might be missing out on the impulse buys.
I don't currently take credit cards. My husband takes credit cards in his shop and quite a few of his customers have used them.  I am an admitted bottom-feeder in the world of junkers.  With most of my items under $15 I never really saw a need but now I'm thinking it might encourage folks to buy multiple items.
Do any of you have big plans for your Etsy shops this year?  I would love to hear about it!


Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Congratulations on 400 sales in your shop, yea! Your sewing notions packages are so pretty, I just love the way you grouped everything together. My plan is to keep more listed in my shop, but it's hard when I do shows too. Here's to your successful 2013 Etsy shop!!!

Andy's Attic said...

Kathy, I'm a sucker for things in bags. I think your kits are beautiful the way you have them layed out. I don't do international because the regular shipping has me flustered every time!! My plan this year is to take Jan. off and get myself organized. Then in Feb. I will start to list and list and list and get this stuff out of my home!!

Jewels said...

Kathy I actually quite like your "collage" of pattern people! Got me thinking.....congrats on your shop. I've been toying with the idea of opening my own but a little nervous of the work and $$ involved (is there an Etsy for Dummies?) Cheers

Barbara said...

Big plans here, too, but just plans for right now. (My current big plan is buying a new iron because mine just died this very afternoon. Talk about livin' it up!)

Blessed Serendipity said...

Look at you big time Etsy seller at 400 sales. You go girl!! Love the look of your coordinated inspiration sets. Pretty! My goal is just to get some stuff listed.


Laurie said...

400 sales is an awesome achievement in your shop! I think all of your ideas are good ones. I just added the credit cards to my shop in September (I think it was) and my sales did increase in the period following so I'd say, go for it. I have some plans for my shop, too...still thinking about them. I'll post about it, soon.

Annette said...

Woohoo, 400 sales is worth celebrating!!!! Congratulations!!!
I really like being able to use credit cards on Etsy. It wouldn't keep me from buying, but it saves time from dealing with paypal.
I've read in the forum from international buyers, that they will shop around for a seller that they don't have to contact for a shipping quote. So it might possibly encourage more sales if it was listed.
I came across this link for Etsy sellers that I thought had some great info and links in it. Maybe you will find something useful in it.
I find your inspiration kits very inspiring!

Art and Sand said...

I just discovered you via Betsy at Salvaged Treasures. I can't wait to explore more.

I love Portland, where my mother was born. I loved visiting my 'Gammy' at her house on 57th St. near Mt. Tabor and later at her house on US Grant Place. Her old houses had wonderful nooks and crannies for a child to discover. I added a window seat in my dining room because of all the window seats in her houses.

Just going to your site and seeing Portland brought back a flood of memories.

Into Vintage said...

I always admire how full your etsy shop is -- I aspire to keep my listing numbers up over 100 items. I accept credit cards and well over half of my sales are paid that way. I also have a chart for first class mail international costs for 6-8 countries (AU, UK, FR, CAN, etc) which makes it fast & easy to add int'l shipping to listings and now that etsy offers international shipping postage, I don't have to stand in line at the p.o. for int'l packages. I'm amazed how often a buyer from one of these countries is willing to pay as much for shipping as they do the item.

Wishing you lots of continued success in 2013! I love your inspiration kits but I could never bring myself to open them. They're inspiring just to look at! :-)

CATHY said...

Your packets look great. Wish I could clean my supplies like this...but I am afraid that as soon as I get rid of XXX that I have not used since kindergarten.....I will need it in a collage : )