Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring Wreath

I took a bunch of pictures of my little birdie figurines and was planning to post last night and link up to a couple of link parties but Blogger decided to take a break. At least I didn't lose a post like some people did! So... I decided to bag that until next week and show you a wreath I made this week to hang by the front door to welcome Spring inside.
You all know how I roll by now... get every bit of mileage I can before I give up and throw something away. This pink rose garland used to hang above my Mother's bedroom window. When I cleaned out her house 9 years ago I brought it home and draped it around the mirror on my dresser. This week I took it out in the backyard and hosed it off and it looked like there was a little mileage left so it will now hang by my front door for awhile. I wonder where it's next incarnation will be?? - LOL!
I hit one estate sale today, on my lunch break. Naturally I had limited time so I was "speed picking". Wouldn't you know what I found - for TWENTY FIVE CENTS! A pink Spring wreath. Well, I sure didn't need it but I sure wasn't leaving it behind!

I will just say it. My name is Kathy and I dig plastic flowers. There, the secret is out.

I have listened to people make fun of them since I was a little girl but I always thought they were pretty. The thickness of the petals reminds me of the frosting flowers on a cake. I'm not so sure I dig the silver and green Christmas balls so I might have to make some adjustments. Or just let it steep a while.

The weather is beautiful today and Annette mentioned she hoped I would take some pictures of my spring flowers. Tomorrow afternoon the rain is back for a week and a half so I figured I better grab at least one shot of this rhody while I have the chance. If you scroll back up to the plastic wreath in the chair you can also see one of the dark red azaleas blooming behind it. Don't look at the weed underneath it...


laurie -magpie ethel said...

It was a glorious day here complaints from me either. I like plastic flowers too - maybe we should start a club...I have lots of smaller ones for crafting. Happy spring.

My Vintage Mending said...

I'm in, I'm in! I never thought of them looking like cake flowers but you are so right...perfection. I hunt those babies down. One year my middle son said "Mom how do they keep those flowers alive so long?" when passing a cemetery. We love to tease him about this. Enjoy your weekend. Renee

Annette said...

I love your flowers...the real ones AND the plastic ones! I really hope I get some lilacs in time for next spring!