Sunday, April 3, 2011

More Tin Cans and a Little Experiment

I visited one estate sale and the VofA this morning but no great scores to write about. Mostly old books and hymnals and not too interesting to the camera's eye. I did pick up another one of those things I don't collect so will have to do a "things I don't collect" post this week. I haven't done one of those in a while. That's probably a GOOD thing! I finished up a couple more tins for the Etsy shop this week. Love making these!
This is a little experiment, an idea I have been toying with. I have a lot of those wooden letter holders from Scrabble games and a pretty good stash of brass stencils. I guess they are another one of those things I don't collect since I buy them for no good reason. Anyway, I messed around with it a little to see if I could make it work and this is what I came up with so far. I used the stencils "as found" and sandwiched them between the wood trays. Somehow it isn't doing it for me yet so I have to let it steep a while. No clue why I wasted two vowels on an experiment. Could I not have used Q, X and Z?? Now ART and HEART are both gone. Sheesh.


Diane said...

I Love this idea! I have a whole bunch of those scrabble tile holders too--a Very good idea--keep going.

Annette said...

Great tins! It's always frustrating to me to lose something good (like fabric) when I'm experimenting. Hope you can make it come out the way you envision.

Lovey said...

Awesome tins!!

oldgreymare said... many times I have found myself in this exact same predicament, except I would have been distressed to have wasted a Z..hahaha