Friday, February 11, 2011

You Can't Hit a Home Run Every Time

This is a little experiment I did to see if I could craft something that would have a more masculine vibe to it. I sent it off to GreenCraft magazine but they didn't see the same vision I did. I suppose they don't have many male readers and the female ones don't necessarily see any need to craft something for the boys when you can just give them a spare saucer to keep their change in and buy them a couple packs of Slim Jims to show your love. But. Well.
I thought it would be something different. And apparently they did, too, but not in a good way - LOL!
So anyway, I got the idea when we were out camping. Some cans got tossed in the fire and I liked the patina it gave them. Somehow they were kind of elevated and didn't just look like empty tin cans anymore.
When I got home I started to experiment. I have one of those can openers that cuts through the rim so it leaves a rounded edge on both pieces so the tops fit back on like lids. I used a felted sweater to cover the bottom and the inside of the bottom on each one as well as the top on two of them. I covered the outside with stamps and cigar labels. I drilled a hole in the center of each top so I could attach a handle. Two of the handles are vintage Bakelite knobs (love those!) and the little crown came off I don't remember what.
I still like this concept and we all know I love making something out of nothing so I' sure I will continue to experiment with this one. Maybe some music paper or vintage wallpaper and millinery flowers next time!

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cathy said...

Too bad these were not selected - I think they are very creative. Good Luck on the Swiss Family Robinson Book - looks like you put a lot of work into that one. I am off to Thailand and Cambodia this week - hoping to find some treasures to bring home for art : ) Cheers - Cathy