Thursday, February 24, 2011

Magical "Smart" Snow

We are having a "snow event" here in Portland, or so they say. Here in Portland an impending snow event invokes full-on panic and chaos. The schools close, everyone cleans out the grocery stores, gases up the car and hunkers down.
Mostly it turned out to be special, magical, smart snow. I say magical because of how it looked when I got up this morning. There was no wind so it settled gently and covered everything with fluffy white frosting. I love the way snow soaks up all the sound and makes the world so cozy and quiet! I say smart because, for the most part it knew to stay on the un-paved areas.
Last night I mentioned the forecasted chaos to Annette over at So Many Memories and she wished me a snow day so I could stay home from work and build a snowman.
Staying home wasn't in the cards but I found this little guy out in the parking lot at work mid-morning. A co-worker did what they could with what there was and those are words I live by so had to share him. He even has tiny little pebble eyes. If only there had been a teeny little carrot laying around!


Into Vintage said...

I saw on the Portland news that in order to have a snow day, you have to wear your pajamas inside out the night before. Next time...
BTW - still snowing here in HR. We surpassed the forecasted 'trace-to-4 inches' hours ago and now have a full-blown winter wonderland. :-)

Annette said...

Oh I LOVE him!! You made my day with that pic! When we get snow here there's always a run on milk and toilet paper! I guess we need to feel prepared!