Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tiny Tripod, The Poppy and Life Turned Short and Wide

I picked up a tiny little table-top tripod while I was out shopping for a new monitor last weekend so I was just finally trying it out tonight and took a few pictures with it sitting right on top of my desk. Cutest little thing, only about 9" tall!
Don't EVEN get me started on the monitor part of that shopping trip. Apparently the technology decision-makers of the world decided that lots of people use their computers to watch movies and play games and THEY like a wide screen so why don't we just make EVERYBODY use a wide screen. Even though the rest of life, like books and documents and the Internet for crying out loud, is portrait orientated. Grrr... So my ancient old tube monitor is gone and now I scroll for my health. Grrr. Oh, sorry, I wasn't going to get started.
So this is just a little of the junk sitting on my desk. I think you have seen the jewelry box where I store the pins and needles I don't collect before. But this time I didn't have to move it over to my work table and zoom. So many times I run into situations where the big tripod and the zoom just won't "reach" the way I want. New options!
This is a sweet little metal birdbath my DIL gave me. When I come home with special little jewelry treasures I don't want to forget about they go into the birdbath so they stay in front of my eyes. Trouble is, they look so pretty just sitting there that I hate to use them. Sheesh.
I mentioned that Somerset returned my submission for the Poppy call. If you subscribe or purchased the January/February issue of Somerset Studio, their picure is a LOT better - no big surprise there. Kind of a hoochie-koochie girl. I'm not sure what I will do with her now that she's home. I thought about putting her in my Etsy store but those pictures are landscape orientated, too, and I'm not quite sure how I could show the whole thing without turning the picture sideways. It's like a sideways technology plot to eliminate portrait orientation. Oops, there I went again. She might have to sit in the closet for a while.


Annette said...

Hahaha, Kathy, this post cracks me up! My husband bought me a 24" monitor for my desktop and I hardly ever use that computer any more because now I prefer my little laptop screen. The whole technology thing makes me feel older every day. I didn't know they made tripods that small, I will have to think about that! You need to use the pretties from the birdbath so you can fill it up again!

This is a great post!!!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

I know.... the whole monitor thing is crazy! I love your little jewelry box with all the treasures and the bird bath with the jewels is darling!

My Vintage Mending said...

I have one of these tripods and I love it. My hands are never still enough for a good shot. You will find yourself using it for everything. Oh I love all those sewing goodies. That poppy gal will be great in your shop...smiles for Kansas...Renee