Monday, December 6, 2010

It's a start!

We brought the Christmas boxes down from the attic yesterday and I put up what is my favorite and always the first decoration of the season - my kitchen Christmas tree.
It is one of those alpine style trees and I decorated it in a bird theme. You know how I love the birdies so any wonder this tree is my favorite? It is small so I don't remove the decorations. I just put a bag over it and carry it back up to the attic each year. Sometimes I'm tempted to just leave it up year around.
Obviously I have a ways to go on the decorating. It still looks a little bare underneath. I am sorry I couldn't get a better picture. Maybe someday I will learn how to compensate for low light, but apparently not today!
This one is a little closer so you might try double-clicking to make it bigger so you can see the birdies. Tweet. Tweet. 8+)


Diane said...

Love this tree!! and in your kitchen--even better. I need to get our decorations out of the attic too--I just have to clear out everything that's in front of them first :(

Curtains In My Tree said...

Thanks for your very nice comments on my blog. I shop every resale shop and lots of nicer stores when things are 60%off after Christmas and then of coursre good ole garage sales all year.
I have always loved Christmas ornaments and just keep adding to them. Last year at an auction I picked up all those shinny brite glass ornaments.
I really like your Kitchen Tree.


Annette said...

I always wanted a tree in my kitchen but never had the space. The bird theme is so fun and different! I have a small tree...maybe I can make room on the counter...

Into Vintage said...

So nice that you have the space for a tree in your kitchen -- the birdhouse topper is perfect.

Please disregard my nosiness as I admire your lovely jadeite mugs hanging there. :-)