Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Title Wave

Our county library has a used book store called The Title Wave. This Saturday they had a BAG sale - fill a brown paper grocery bag with books for $10. Sure got Alayna and I up and out early on a Saturday morning! We got books for reading, books for picture looking, books for gardening, books for building things, books for collecting and books for making art. You can never have too many books - right? Well maybe... We each spent $20 and came away with over 80 books between us.
This was my big SCORE for the day. A two volume set called Le Filet Ancien from 1912 and 1913. They are from Paris and what little text they have is in French. They appear to be sample books of French needle lace. They are oversized measuring 12" X 16" and each has about 45 pages of lace patterns. Don't you have to wonder how these ever landed in the Multnomah County Library in Portland Oregon??
The sale itself was a chaotic feeding-frenzy of book buying. Grocery sacks exploding their contents in loud thunks as the store personnel shouted "another one down". People scrambling accross the floor to gather the spilled contents before they were stepped on or snatched up and deposited in another shoppers sack. Squatting on the floor to check out the bottom shelves and dodging books falling from the upper shelves where people were shopping above you. It was every man for himself!
Three hours and a couple trips to the car. I think this may be the closest I ever came to literally shopping until I dropped. Those bags of books are HEAVY. On my very last effort to hoist myself and bag off the floor, Alayna told me to just grab onto her. She looked as exhausted as I felt. I told her "Oh sure, I'll just pull you down with me and then both of us will be stuck here on the floor and we'll have to crawl to the car!".
Yes, it was like a Title Wave!


Rose Chuckleberry said...

I love the Title Wave sales. Went there about a hundred years ago and found some spectacular books. But felt slightly sad that these books were taken out of circulation, like no one wanted to read them. The pile I selected was way taller than me and I felt very bad that I had to leave some of those unwanted, unloved books behind. Still pains me.

Amy Lou said...

Love, love these! Great find!