Monday, February 15, 2010

Art Room Time Warp

Whoa!! Where did THAT week go? I was busy all week getting a few things made and listed in my Etsy store, enjoying all camaraderie from the 'heart sessions' and getting my Haiti package ready to send off to Rebecca for Haiti By Hand. Then I looked up from my desk and a week had flown by!

Getting my package ready - sounds simple, right? Not! Rebecca encouraged donating things from our personal stash since the folks who follow her style tend to be serial accumulators. Okay, I better speak for myself. Needless to say, once I started going through my stash, looking for things on her list, one thing led to another. Kind of like an art room time warp. I sorted my beads (did I mention I don't bead), dismantled some old jewelry, untangled my embroidery floss (did I mention I don't embroider), reorganized the drawer full of seam binding and bias tape and on and on.... Even found a yo-yo project I started about 20 years ago - LOL!

The picture above is one of the three Inspiration Kits I listed this week. More of those to come but first I'm trying to finish a few collage necklaces to list. I am anxious to test-drive some ideas I have for the packaging. Good grief my attention span is short!

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