Sunday, February 7, 2010

Millinery flowers

No... I didn't get the heart "pretty" finished and posted for the next Heart Sessions post. No... I didn't get any new Inspiration Kits finished to fill my little Etsy store back up after selling every single one yesterday - but I'm working on some really neat ones so more will be coming soon. YES... I did take time out this morning to go to, you guessed it, The Volunteers of America store. It must be some kind of OCD thing.
I got a poke sack with 9 jars of embossing powder, a brand new bottle of Tacky glue, two bottles of glitter glue, a hand full of bells, two rolls of crepe paper streamers and on and on. I got one of those satin "mother" pillow covers from Kansas City. Plus I got another poke sack that included, among other things, the pink and lavender ribbon roses and the big, gorgeous handmade yellow, lavender and white roses shown above. I tossed them right into my little millinery suitcase with the other flowers and it's just a like a bouquet in a box. Ahhh. $7.96. Wouldn't you go, too?

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