Thursday, March 26, 2009

Watercolor inchies

I haven't posted in a while since I've had houseguests. My mother-in-law was here to visit, taking a break from caring for her invalid husband, and of course the kids and granddaughter were all over to see Grandma. It was a busy week and topped it off with getting a SECOND cold, dangit! I'm worried if I don't keep posting I will forget how so today you get a more recent piece that fit in the scanner.

These aren't REALLY inchies, mine are more like 1-1/2 inches! This was a fun experiment in hand-coloring some papers. I used Easter egg dye on the first ones I tried but the pallet was too limited so I broke down and bought some tube watercolors. I diluted them to a transparent, watery consistency and brushed them on, working lightest to darkest. The papers are torn from foreign language books. I love the contrast of the black stamping on the colored background.The metal grid was some sort of match holder or something like that; made to hang on the wall. I used sheet metal snips to cut it apart then flattened it by crushing it in a vise and then hammering. It seemed to me like just the right amount of blue paint chipped off! I did use a file to debur the edges.

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Michelle Murphy said...

love the background papers..i too like the contrast of the black on the color back ground