Monday, March 16, 2009

The Book of Love

Our March weather was simply, well, March today... with rain most of the day. In spite of two errands to do after work I was lucky enough to arrive home to a break in the rain and a relatively bright sky. Perfect! I followed the advice in the Feb/Mar/Apr issue of Artful Blogging to take pictures outdoor in natural light and my husband coached me on using the digital camera. This is one of the first pieces I made when I discovered this genre. It is made in a shallow cigar box so doesn't lend itself to the scanner. The red circle is an advertising CD covered with tissue paper. Based on what happened with the scanned picture, I think Google will "size" it for me. We will see how my first attempt at posting a photo works out!

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Michelle Murphy said...

great just love your greenness(i guess that is a word)