Sunday, March 15, 2009

At Last!

"At laaast...." (can you hear Etta James?)! In typical fashion I have started in the middle and now I'm backing up to the beginning. I have been published twice now in Somerset Studio with no blog in place to connect with the other artists out there, something I am so looking forward to. I recently received an email solicitation to submit to the new Green Craft magazine. I packed up a piece for entry then unpacked it when I finally found my much anticipated March/April edition of Somerset Studio. Jenny Doh's Letter from the Editor really resonated with me. Time to put my worries about the time it will take aside and just do it! I unpacked the Green Craft entry and committed to getting my blog started instead.
I will be posting some of my previous work (more back to beginning!) to fill in a little history and get some practice uploading the pictures. Random chatter to follow.......

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