Sunday, January 31, 2016

Rolling Along With The Junkalanche

 I'm still here and still not making any significant progress in digging out the art room.  I tell you what, I am going to be GREAT at retirement, although I have been told that I still won't have time to get everything done.
I have been neglectful about photographing the recent finds so I made a point of getting a picture of the Saturday finds before I sorted them away.
 I was intrigued when I found these little nun figurines and thought they were sort of beautiful.  I did some research when I got them home and they are Depose Italy Fontanini and someone has WASHED OFF all the paint.  Boo.  They are supposed to be painted.  I still think they are sort of beautiful so I hope someone else will think so too.
 It was a good day for vintage tablecloths.  I don't find them often.  The ivy is a cutter because it has a stain from what looks like a paint spill.  The other two are a little faded but overall good vintage condition.
 I should have taken a better picture of the other tablecloth.  It is my favorite with a pretty yellow and turquoise color combination.  Shiny Brites on top but I only brought home the plain round ones that were good colors.  I'm not sure I ever found a purple one before.
 A Japan baby shoe planter and some lace for the inspiration kits.
 A whole menagerie of chalkware nativity figures.  These are going to make me squeal again when I re-find them next Christmas.
Last but not least, a 1986 Mickey squeak.  Toys are not my "thang" but some things just can't be left behind and need my help to send them along to their new forever home.


Art and Sand said...

Usually I just comment on my favorite, but lots to say here.

First of all, you will be so busy in retirement that you won't be able to figure out how you ever held a job. I never finish my daily To Do list, but that's because we're having too much fun.

The chalkware nativity figures brought back fun memories - I thought our nativity set was so cool when I was little and had no idea it was cheaply made.

Oh, those linens. It's a rainy, cold day here (yay!) and I'm going to get out one of my mother's lovely, slightly worn tablecloths to set the table.

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

I love the nativity figures. And the baby shoe planter - it reminds me of similar ones I used to decorate my kids' rooms when they were babies - retro style! And you can never go wrong with Shiny Brites! xoKathleen

Laurie said...

I like the nuns, too -- they remind me of that old TV show!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I had to laugh when you mentioned re-finding the nativity figures next Christmas; that happens to me ALL the time. Love those table cloths!

Melissa Stanley said...

It is getting harder and harder to find good vintage tablecloths! I have a few stashed away that were my grandmothers. As for my favorite - definitely the chalkware nativity. I purchased about 3-4 chalkware nativity sets at the auction on Saturday... still have to go through all the pieces and see what I have. I know I also have some random ones stashed in my office somewhere too. :)

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Kathy, Love your lot of treasures. The nativity set and pieces are very old. I have them from 1945 as they were my parents when they got married. Gave the set to my son and he displays it now at his house. Gosh even the little crib and baby Jesus are the same. What a find. I have never seen any since our set.
Oh and when you retire~~~ You will be busier then you can imagine!!
Have a great day. xo

Deanies Stash said...

You found some great things. Too bad about the nuns but there is someone who will love them!