Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Weekend Junk Fix

First of all, a big THANK YOU to everyone who weighed in on my flower de-stash!  I am going with mostly sorted by color plus a few mixed lots.  Now I just need to buckle down and get it done so I can clean off my work table and get started on Christmas for the booth.
This is the weekend junk.  Not a lot but it doesn't take a lot to get in a junking fix - LOL!  That foggedy looking thing in the back is a mirror with a nice etched design at the top.
Plenty of little this and that for the booth.  The old MJB can has already found a home on my potting bench and the round picture at the bottom will be coming apart for a make-over.
These poor girls are in pieces.  There was a friendly head-hunter at The Bins who helped me search for body parts.  The St. Patrick's doll is still missing one arm and I have no clue how to put them back together again but couldn't just abandon them there.
Another sweet mid-century angel for the Christmas booth.  Gosh, I hope people want these things because I keep finding them.
Speaking of mid-century, I adore the colors of these old padded hangers.  The two turquoise ones match perfectly with a wonderful old apron I scored a while back.  None of the above has made it's way to the booth so far.
I am very pleased with my sales so far but it is kind of frustrating that it is so small.  I am still picking a whole lot faster than I have room for and, OH!, my poor attic.  Sometimes I'm thinking I try to cram too much in there and maybe it would be better to have less so people can see things easier but hard to know what to do....
Does anyone know what in the world these little plaque things are??  Please click this one bigger so you can see.  Leave them like they are or cut them apart??
No, this is not more flowers for my hoard, it is a HAT and it is in good condition.  This is something I hardly ever find around here so was happy as a clam when I spotted it.  The giraffe is a squeak and the very first one I have found.  Bonus, it is not rock hard and still squeaks.
Another tiny Shiny Brite nativity, fun old Lotto cards and more Monopoly game pieces for my collection.
Love this old pincushion.  The tomato is sewn to the plastic doily so it is a little hat.  Cute!
More mid-century, an adorable tape holder.  Now I just have to find the plastic thing-y that you hand the roll on.  It looks like one from a different tape dispense will work.
I am not even going to show you the hoard of patterns that are waiting for me to check and photograph them but how could I pass these up??
This little guy is not old, even though he looks like he is.  He is made of resin and just weathered.  He looks perfectly fine in my garden!


Sue at Serendipity said...

Sophie the giraffe is a teether and so very sweet - expensive, too, if you look online. I found one for my little grandson and his big sister immediately laid claim. I have since found him another-I think they are adorable!!

Love the rest of your treasures too-another trip to that As Is in in my future I hope-I often hit the one here in Salem but I love them all!

Great finds - now you are in trouble - I can ALWAYS find way more than anyone can sell in a reasonable time when junking! (Times that by the 25 years I have been doing it too-lol!)

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Kathy, what a great haul of goodies. The angel is too cute and the giraffe is a treasure. Great find on the old padded hangers too. With the holidays on the way, you will be very busy so keep it crammed!!
Happy Junkin! cm

Melissa Stanley said...

Lots of great finds! I'm curious to find out what the plaques are!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

What a haul! I have never seen a shiny bright nativity set...So cute. I have no idea what those little plaques are? That giraffe is new, my grandson has one, I think it is an imported and it was $25...Great find!


Maggie said...

Good stuff! No, your couldn't pass up all those patterns. Oh, how I love the illustrations!
Haven't been to Monticello in ages, and am needing a fix soon. Good luck with your space there!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Looks like another successful junkin' haul. So you had a volunteer to help you search for body parts? What a gem, lol. Love the rusty stuff, but that mirror has to be my favorite!

Lynn Viehl said...

The little plaque things might be event tags worn or shown off by members of a Citizen Band Radio Club (aka CB'ers.) Thanks to the movie Smokey and the Bandit CBs were very popular back in the seventies, and these folks would congregate at all sorts of events -- barbecues, dances, charity events, races, etc.

"Hambone" and "Sweet Pea" were likely the owner's call signs, and CH 6 probably means the channel they used. I'm not sure if they would wear these tags or put them in their cars. My uncle was an avid CB'er but it's been so long I can't remember what he kept in his aside from the radio I was never allowed to touch!