Saturday, January 3, 2015

Last of the 2014 Junk

 2014 was a stormy year in many ways but the junking was good and, as always, an island of relaxation to swim to.  I stopped at The Super Skanky Thrift on New Year's Eve and scored a big poke sack of sewing stuff.  When I got back to the office a tin of buttons I treated myself to from eBay had been delivered.  I would be spending New Year's Eve digging for buried treasures!
 The fun of a poke sack is you never know what will turn up in the tangled mess.  One of these patterns is 1953 and the other is 1949 and both are complete.
 Clearly what I call a "real" button box, including all the non-button this and that.  I ended up pulling 6 thimbles out of here, among other things.
 I have not seen a sewing tape like this before.  Does anyone know the purpose of the attached triangle??
 I didn't see these coming!  Sugar cubes, toothpicks and matches, perhaps souvenirs of Miss Howard's career.
 Hmm...  this looks interesting...  These were in the sewing sack, NOT the button tin.
 Yarn winders and a tiny floral tin.  I'm so easy. 8+)
 A vintage box of Brother sewing machine accessories.  Unfortunately I can't find any information about what model they go with but it appears to be a very complete and little-used set.
 I am tempted to keep the tiny oil can.  The spout is in one of the paper bags.  It is so complete, though, that I won't break it up and will list it and see if someone recognizes and needs it. There is even a replacement light bulb.
And now, about those buttons.  All are vintage except the three that are center left.  They were interesting so I included them in the photo.  Be sure you click this picture bigger because this was a great Bakelite and celluloid score and proof there is treasure in those poke sacks.  Most of these were in the sewing sack, NOT the button tin!  Thank you, Miss Howard.  Apparently you didn't actually use your sewing machine very much but you knew to save the buttons!


Annette said...

I just love all this goodness. What better way to spend time than sorting all these goodies. That button box must have filled you with delight.

Art and Sand said...

Another new term from you - poke sack.

The little oil can is so cute, but you are right to keep it all together.

Have a lovely weekend.

oldgreymareprimitives said...

I have seen the triangle thing before somewhere??? Perhaps it tucked into a shirt pocket so when you tossed it around your neck it would not slide off? Most dressmakers wear it around their neck..when I sewed clothes I did...

Curtains in My Tree said...

I am starved to death for some new old buttons LOL
I am really going to the first auction I hear of that has buttons.
I would love to go to the Button store in New York City this year however I have heard it's way expensive? Do you know anything about it?

Jewels said...

Great score but I finally have to ask... what is a poke sack lol????

The Junque Seeker said...

I'm always amazed at your finds. Those buttons from the poke sack are beauties. I've had a few measuring tapes with the attachment, but the cardboard usually has advertising printed on it with the tape measure wrapped around it.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

It's been a great junking year for you! I might have to come up there and follow you around. Love the buttons especially those Bakelite beauties. Miss Howard would be proud that her tag has found a new home. Do you think she might have been a flight attendant and that was attached to her luggage?

Annette said...

What a great haul for the last day of the year! I sure hope someone can use the sewing machine accessories. It makes me sad they were separated from the machine. I love those vintage buttons, especially the little flower with the rhinestone in the middle.
I went to the fabric store on new year's day for the first time in months. I forgot how therapeutic it was.

Gail Thayer said...

Hmmm, those attached triangles on the measuring tapes.......I would guess that that space would be used for advertising and then you could easily wrap the tape up around the triangle?

Just my best guess!

Maureen said...

What a great way to see out the year... going through a treasure trove of goodies! I would have guessed that triangle was used to wrap the tape measure around too.

Happy New Year Kathy - may it find you discovering even more wonderful treats!

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

You found the best treasures and the buttons are very special. Wishing you another great year of junkin.
Happy New Year!