Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tiny Pickings

 I got out to one estate sale and a swing through the VOA yesterday.  The pickings were all tiny but it was fun digging for them and I got some fun things.
 Vintage plastic lace coasters, thimbles, bling, a pincushion and a strawberry and three of the tiniest little cookie cutters I have ever seen. I think they must be from a child's toy baking set. I love the rusty rabbit the best!  I have already soaked the sweet crochet potholder and the stain DID come out - yay!
 Plastic cake decorations and another tea ball.  Oh-oh, that's three now.  A book of old checks and the sweetest little box of "David's birth announcements and shower cards".  That kind of stuff always tugs my heart strings.  The box even has the handwritten list of names and addresses and the gift list.
 Yes, I got another satin dresser box.  I have room for just two or three more and my cabinet will be filled.  I also got three more tape measures.  That is one of those accidental collections I'm going to have to snap a picture of one of these day.  Did you notice the antique hair crimper?  We have no business complaining now days!
 And a birdie in a nest just because I cannot resist a birdie.  This one is a nice size.  It is laying on top of a big pile of ruffled trim.
A little closer look at my new friend.
I have been busy all weekend painting windows for the new cold frame and cleaning the attic.  I could feel my house breath a sigh of relief at all the weight I hauled out of the attic.  I treated myself to a long weekend so I'm hoping to get out to the antique mall tomorrow to check out their Spring Home and Garden show that started on Friday.  There is an up side to rainy days off!


linda clark said...

Hi Klueless,

I live in West Linn and have read your blog, loving it, for a long time. I can no longer maintain my curiosity.......what/where is the VOA? Thanks.

Maureen said...

Oh Oh! 'Three' makes it an official tea ball collection now Kathy! ;)

Love your new friend! The bird is adorable...

I also like the tiny cookie cutters! You are right; the rabbit is awesome! What a great grouping of new treasures.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Such fun goodies Kathy, you know I'm eyeing the bling. I recently came across a box of old birth announcement and shower cards sweet.

Annette said...

Every time I find a dresser box they are a mess! You have a knack for finding them. Love all your little treasures and your new bird friend is very pretty. Have fun at the show today!

oldgreymare said...

your home breathes in and out - out goes stuff, in comes long as you keep the balance right?
:D good girl for working on the attic. Dryer sheets gone?

Annette said...

My first thought was how cool that everything looks color coordinated piled together! I love the ruffles and the wooden spools. And the little birdie is so springy! I hope you're having a great day off!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Not too bad! I have a bunch of tea you are right there with me with that new collection! Love that little scripty Happy Birthday.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Kathy, you sure found some great treasures. Love it all and the little birdie is darling.
Thank you for stopping by. Those pattern flowers are fun.
Have a great evening, Hugs, CM

Blessed Serendipity said...

I like this haul, especially the little bird candle holders.