Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Altered Book Pages And A Surprise In The Mail

 I took some time to work in my altered quote book - my relaxation, you know.  Thank you to Z at Old Grey Mare for the quote on the right. I love those words and they are appropriate in the literal sense as I'm working on the garden remodel, as well.
The page on the left was a bit of a struggle but play is what my book is all about.  I tried to write on top of a pretty piece of very vintage wallpaper and the pen dug in and ate whatever finish they used to make it washable back in the day.  Note to self, seal it with some matte medium next time!
 I received the most precious gift in the mail last week.  I met Rachel Stewart during the Grow Your Blog Party back in January.  She gifted me with the beautiful pair of earrings. Naturally, I adore the bird theme!
The blue earrings are perfect for me.  Rachel is a Tennessee based jewelry designer and she does excellent work.  You can see more of her designs on her website.  Thank you Rachel!
A special note for Linda....   I could not find any contact information to respond directly to your comment on my recent post.  The Volunteers Of America retail store is called Thrift It and it is located at 2330 SE 182nd Avenue.  Have fun shopping!


Annette said...

Love the pages and the quotes! The earrings are a gorgeous blue and presented beautifully. Blog friends are just the best!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Another creative page and a great quote. Those earrings are so pretty, what a clever way to display them:-)

vintage grey said...

Beautiful pages! Love the idea of writing on vintage wallpaper, and thanks for the tip! Pretty earrings! xo Heather

Bluefinch said...

Thank YOU for the lovely blog post! I am so glad you like the earrings! Enjoy!

CATHY said...

These are beautiful - all of her work is lovely. Lucky you!

Maureen said...

Love your Journal... I should try to make one some day.

Those earrings are beautiful! Lucky you!