Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Junk-Fast Is Over

 I finally un-grounded myself from junking yesterday.  I hit one estate sale, The Bins and stopped in a thrift store I hadn't noticed before.  As usual, these pictures are the "raw" junk.  Once I start sorting I will forget what all I bought and not show pictures so I just dumped it all on the table and started clicking.
 You can see the pile is so big there are layers of junk so some things will have to wait until they get to Etsy for their 15 minutes of fame.  All of the needlework supplies and buttons were from the estate sale.  I bought an entire sewing box that was filled with all sorts of fun odds and ends in addition to buttons.  With all this pearl cotton I didn't find a single crochet hook, which was surprising.
 The neat carved mirror is from The Bins and will be staying with me.  I loaned my son the mirror from the spare bedroom when he bought his house about 3 years ago.  It hasn't come back and I am not anxious for it to come back so this will take it's place. 
 I am not a doll person by any stretch of the imagination but these two had a creepy look that just had to come home with me.  There were a couple of needle books and that is a wooden darning egg at the bottom of the picture.
 I found a nice stack of doll clothes patterns at Sam's Attic.  For you local gals, it is at 8123 SE 17th Street (corner of 17th and Tacoma).  It is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  It is a charity store that benefits educating student in Uganda.  It is very clean, resonably priced and everything is beautifully displayed.
Most of the fabric pieces are from The Bins.  I was trying to pick pieces I can add to crazy quilt inspiration kits but one doily did slip in there...
 This picture washed out but that blinding white thing is a pillowcase with a sweet crochet border.
 A lacy white hankie perched on top of the mountain of crochet thread.  There is so much crochet thread I haven't even counted them.  Many are unopened and will be headed to my Etsy.  I crochet but never got the hang of doing it with pearl cotton, other than some crochet necklaces.  I do use the thread for my Etsy bookmarks I showed you here.  I should learn how to make tassles.  Goodness knows I have plenty of thread!
 A huge spool of lace from Sam's Attic.  It is coming off the spool and I can't find the end so I may have to re-roll the whole thing - egads!!  Maybe something to keep my hands busy while I watch the Super Bowl game.
 Off topic but I got my first not-positive feedback in my Etsy yesterday.  I felt pretty disappointed since I have a full-disclosure policy and the things she was unhappy about were clearly stated in the listing.  At least she left a neutral and not a negative.  I told her she can send it back and I will refund her money.  I hope I don't have a hassle about the shipping!
This lace was also from Sam's Attic.  I will be putting that place on my route since it is on the way to The Bins! 
I better finish this up and get moving.  A trip to the VOA is in order before it is time to sit down for some football.  It is good to be un-grounded!  8+)


Andy's Attic said...

Good golly! You do have a bit of crochet thread!! Thanks for the tip about Sam's Attic. Sorry about the "neutral" feedback. That is one thing that scares me about selling on line.....people not reading your description or looking carefully at the pictures and then getting upset with you.

GardenofDaisies said...

Oh look at all those spools of lovely crochet thread! You certainly hit the jackpot. Don't let the less than stellar feedback get to you. Sadly, the reality is that there are some folks out there who just can't find anything nice to say, no matter what.

pam said...

OHHH, I just want to dive in that pile of "junk" got a great haul. I LOVE that little needle book with the kittens and looks like there were some odds and ends game pieces, those are always fun. I just simply like to use those crochet threads to just tie things up with or use in my cavases to make string words with! Looks like you had a fun time!

Maggie said...

what a great haul!! The mirror is really sweet. I'll have to check out Sam's Attic---I've never noticed it there before. Another place to haunt...uh-oh.

Have fun rewinding lace while enjoying the game today!

Lesa said...

You got some great stuff! Do you have plans for redoing the mirror or will it stay as is? All that goodness in your photos, I see lots of things I really like too.

About that neutral, we'll seems like she didn't read enough or clearly enough. Your listings look perfectly clear to me.

Annette said...

You sure made up for being grounded! I love the mirror. It's obvious to me the customer paid no attention to the description. I'm sorry she did that.

Terri said...

Hello Kathy,
What a table of treasures! You have a lot of sorting to do : )
I am sure you are all done by now.
I too, went out yesterday for the first time in ages, and stopped at two shops. I did get lucky with textiles! Yay! I had to soak them many times before they were done. Now it is ironing time.
But what fun!
I can see why you are keeping that mirror, it is fab! Will keep it just like it is, or change it?

suziqu's thread works said...

What great finds espececially for the crocheters!
Such a great mirror too!
Enjoy sorting!

Blessed Serendipity said...

What a rainbow of color and a treasure trove. You are a good junker. I love that mirror. It reminds me of something that you might see on a carousel.

xo Danielle

Sandra Kaye said...

Oh my!!! SCORE!!! great finds!!

Tamatha said...

That is an awesome pile of "junk"! I'm laughing too, because I decided to ground myself from buying anymore supplies and starting any new projects until I get caught up on a few! We'll see how long that lasts... :)

vintage grey said...

Oh, such pretty finds! Love all the crochet thread!! xo Heather

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

What a load of good stuff! I had to laugh at the picture of the babies buried in the pile. I'm so sorry to hear about the neutral feedback from a buyer in your Etsy shop. That's always a concern and I really wish buyers would read every word.
Let's not discuss the Super Bowl:-(

Andi's English Attic said...

The most exciting thing is getting home and sorting out all the treasure. Hope you had fun.
I have that very Simplicity pattern for dolls clothes. xx

Into Vintage said...

WOW. Score!! There's something about those balls of crochet thread that are so dangerously enticing to me ... I will remain strong. For now.

Fortunately a neutral FB doesn't affect your overall feedback rating but it's frustrating given the time & effort put in to write a detailed description that doesn't get read by a buyer. And in my experience, buyers who don't read descriptions also don't take responsibility when the item they receive is not exactly what they envisioned. I will hop off my soapbox now.

Laurie said...

Oh I am crumbling...

CATHY said...

I think the hubby would kick me out if I came home with this pile : ) Looks like a great haul!

Maureen said...

Love the mirror! And lace... I always gravitate to lace; you can't have too much, can you?