Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Button Bonanza

 Just before we left on vacation I was the lucky winner of three button auctions on eBay.  The photos were very poor but I could spot enough interesting buttons that I was able to recognize it was a "real" button box that had been separated into three different tins to make it more saleable.  I contacted the seller and asked if they would omit the tins and combine shipping then I bid ruthlessly to win them.  I shouldn't give away my strategy but I have had good luck bidding on these lots where the seller clearly isn't a button person.  Sorry about the garish red background but this is post-cleaning and I lay them out on a towel to dry.
 A few of the carved MOP buttons I pulled from the pile.  You can click the pictures bigger.
 Clear glass, leather and some china buttons up at the top.
 Wooden buttons, bone underwear buttons and some metal.  I still haven't really figured out why underwear buttons have those big holes.  I know it has something to do with twill tape but don't really understand how they were used.
 Dyed MOP buttons.
 Colorful plastic buckles.
 Interesting plastic buttons.
 Even MORE interesting plastic buttons.

 Uniform buttons and other metals.
 Glass buttons and a sweet little orange china.  The button in the lower right looks like cloth but it is glass.
Vegetable ivory and the two in the lower left corner are a couple of the best Tight Tops I have found.  I probably paid a little much since easily half of them will go into my personal collection and not be resold on Etsy but somebody has to rescue them and appreciate them - right??


My Vintage Mending said...

No! These are the cut plastic. I always learn so much over here....wash rinse and repeat for sure....smiles..Renee

Laurie said...

Absolute right -- someone has to love them and they have gone to a great home! I am experiencing button envy -- it's been too long since I had a big box to sort through! Those green baskets of fruit are FABULOUS!! The reason the underwear buttons have big holes is because they were tied, not sewn, on so they could be removed easily for cleaning. (They would have broken in the wringers if left on.)

Barbara said...

I love those fruit basket buttons, too! Your good eye paid off for sure (not to mention that ruthless bidding!)

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Congratulations on winning three auctions of fabulous buttons. Love your strategy. I haven't been on Ebay in such a long time, but now I'm feeling like I need a little auction excitement again. Isn't it fun to lay them all out and examine them? I really like those little green baskets, I have some blue ones just like them:-)

vintage grey said...

Oh, I love all these especially those cute purple flowers!! Such eye candy!! xo Heather

Annette said...

Thank goodness you're there to rescue those unappreciated buttons! They couldn't be in better hands! It makes me want to go play in my buttons!

Andy's Attic said...

SO many wonderful buttons. You must have an outstanding collection of your selling them!! I wouldn't know where to begin...