Monday, September 3, 2012

Now About That Big Jar Of Buttons

 I know those button-lovers among you want to see what was in that big gallon jar I bought at Pirates' Plunder.  Caution - I took a lot of pictures!
The jar is what caught my eye.  The buttons were so colorful that my first reaction was it was not a "real" button box and just a bunch of already picked over modern buttons.  I spotted a few interesting ones and figured the bright colors would be nice in the button lots for my Etsy store so I went for it.
 Once I started poking and sorting it quickly became apparent that what I bought was someones button collection.  All were clean, few threads and little button box junk.  Yes, there were many sets and what I consider ordinary plastics but there was also an astounding variety of interesting plastics, metal, glass, china, MOP, etc. These pictures are the buttons I picked out for my personal collection.  There are a lot of pictures so I will keep the commentary to a minimum.

 I rarely find china stencils so I was thrilled to discover these.  Those two metal buttons are fire department uniform buttons.  One clearly has a broken shank but gets to stay anyway!  That white button above the turquoise rhinestone is rubber and quite flexible.  I occasionally find black rubber buttons but this is the first white one I have found.

 You can click these pictures bigger for a closer look.  There are three really pretty paperweight buttons and on the far left there are two whistles.

 I am trying to figure out if there is a way to rescue those black glass buttons at the top of this picture.  They have fabric inserts in the center and the inserts are in very bad condition.  I tried washing one and the fabric came out.  Future project sitting right next to those tiny black rhinestones I'm trying to rescue.  Someday I will accept that I cannot save everything.  Really.

 The square green button is a hollow cube shape.  The glow bubble below it is one of the nicest I have found.

 That white glass button has a scuffed up little black bear on it.  This was a fun lot to sort and a break from my button "ritual" since no denture tablets were required - LOL!
I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend.  Be safe and have fun!



vintage grey said...

Pretty, pretty buttons!! Love the small one with the rose on it! Happy Labor Day! xo Heather

Annette said...

Wow, those are some pretty fantastic buttons! The white mop that looks like it has a ruffle around it is my fave. It caught my eye in the last post!

Barbara said...

You did find a good collection! I liked that ruffled button, too. Let me know how that can't-save-everything goal goes for you. I'd offer advice toward reaching it but I have no idea.

Andy's Attic said...

That is quite a bunch o buttons!!! And they are so pretty. I just realized, reading this post, that you have terms for different kinds of butons that I have never heard. I learned something this Labor Day!!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I'm drooling just looking at these beauties. You scored big. With all the bright colors I can see how you thought they were new at first glance. Beautiful little jewels!!

My Vintage Mending said...

Lucky again. These are all so pretty. What do you mean we can't keep them all....I thought that was the point of this game...dang it. I love those colors...smiles...Renee

Into Vintage said...

This button collecting has alanguage all its own -- I think I understood about half of your button terminology. China stencil? Glow bubble? I need to study up!

CATHY said...

You have the luck for finding these big jars of buttons! Love the big pearl one in the second from the bottom.