Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Postcard Swap

Whoa - where did this week go?  Where did July go, for that matter!  I realized I got so busy with Where Bloggers Create and then the great art room purge-o-rama that I still haven't posted the cards from the postcard swap I mentioned in this post.
I mailed out 10 postcards and these are the ones I received in return.  The Singapore card in the center is from my blog friend, Cathy, at Ma Vie Trouvee.  She and I were both participating in the swap but we didn't get matched up so we did our own little swap on the side. Her card was so clever!  Even though it said "surprise" along one edge, it took me a few minutes to realize it was really an envelope and there were some treasures inside.  She is so sweet and talented!
The purge-o-rama is slowing down but I'm still removing some things and looking forward to refilling the blank spots with something I love.  Like I need a reason to junk - LOL!


vintage grey said...

Such fun postcards!! Keep purging!! xo Heather

Annette Beanland said...

Those are some cool looking cards! Must have been fun checking the mail box for a few days!
You'll be so glad you purged when it's all done. :)

CATHY said...

Kathy - thank you for sharing mine along with my blog. I am so glad we thought to swap along with the the rest of the swapper. You needed to share the card you made as it was beautiful!