Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Around the World

I got out to the VofA this morning for some junking relaxation. I picked up a couple of neat vintage finds which I will show in another post but I wanted to post this one separately because it is... well... not your typical Christmas decoration.
I found this sack filled with a tangled mess of bright colors. I could recognize the miniature presents and little trees so I thought it must be some kind of Christmas decoration. Nothing I had ever seen before, that's for sure! Little paper umbrellas?? I got it home and spent 2 full hours untangling the giant knot and discovered there were four separate mobiles. They are all similar to the one pictured, with some variation in the colors of the paper umbrellas and trees. They measure about 8"x27". The papers they are made from remind me of a mulberry paper and the little trees have two layers that are stuffed with some kind of padding like little pillows.
I apologize the picture is so poor. It was really hard to photograph because I had to hang it from a hook over the door and it was too high for the tripod. I'm not good and keeping the camera still without the tripod.
I have finally concluded these must be an Asian interpretation of a Christmas ornament. Maybe I would know if I went out for Chinese food for Christmas dinner! If someone knows the real story behind these please let me know. In the meantime, they are sure giving me some inspiration!

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Annette said...

That is really cool!! It definitely looks Asian inspired. I would like to know about it too!