Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Uber Shabby NOT Chic

I shouldn't even be admitting this was in my living room.

I made this pillow about 20 years ago and, trust me on this, it was really neat once upon a time. I spotted this fabric framed and hanging on the wall in a thrift store. When I got closer I realized it was vintage barkcloth. Well, of course, I had to rescue it and give it a loving home! I took it out of the frame, added cotton fringe, and made it into a throw pillow. It lived happily there on my sofa until it finally succumbed to the husband's relentless elbow. Truth be told, it succumbed about two holes ago but I just couldn't let go....
I made up my mind I wanted to recover the pillow with an animal print to give the room a pop of something that wasn't flowers but I hadn't made it to the fabric store yet. Yesterday I stopped at K-Mart for a quick errand on my lunch hour. K-Mart is 5 minutes from my office and they have lots of stuff you need, you know?? So I'm dashing and here is this big, heavy terrycloth bath towel sitting there on an end-cap [imagine picture of light bulb here] ON SALE. Plush and perfectly cozy and $6.99. I rummaged around in my stash and came up with a 14" metal zipper - not really the right kind - but I made it work. No, it's not very creative and certainly not "artsy" but I think it will be pretty sturdy and comfy for the husband and checked off the to-do list.

Now about that old barkcloth pillow cover... I should probably take it straight out to the trash can but there are still some good parts... you know? Plus I have about 1/3 of the big towel left!

I'm going to link up with Frugal Friday over at The Shabby Nest. I haven't joined in on that blog party before so click along with me and let's meet some new friends!


Annette said...

Kathy, are you kidding???? I think that is VERY creative and the animal print alone is artsy!!!! It crosses my mind to use sheets but not towels...and there are some gorgeous ones out there! Brilliant idea!!! The barkcloth held up really well for being vintage to start with. I don't blame you for saving the good part. You did good!!!

Rose :: said...

i think you are totally putting your self down for 'nottinghk'. your old pillow was interesting, but your new pillow is really nice.
animal prints are really in, i suggest you give the rest of that huge towel a good use: bathroom accessories, bags, appliques on t'shirts, plain pyjamas,... just to give you an idea or two.

oldgreymare said...

Love it!....and your Holiday shopping journal. Such a clever gal!

My dad used to take "throwaway" papers and cut them all to size and staple together for little list books he used. He learned from his Mom, who also saved string and tin foil.

It is so pitiful what a wasteful society we have become.