Saturday, October 2, 2010


I finally finished setting up my BRAND NEW AND IMPROVED ETSY STORE! WooHoo! It's been a long time coming and I'm so happy with the way it turned out and to have it DONE.

I will be activating all the listings Sunday afternoon.

So why would I inflict all this work on myself, you might wonder. Well, me too at times! I opened my original Etsy store on a whim just about a year ago and regretted the name - kluless - ever since. I didn't realize that your Etsy user name would become your shop name. I have used that moniker for about 15 years and it is fine for many things, including my blog, but just wasn't intuitive for my Etsy store. I put what I wanted for the real name - Strange Notions- on the banner but it was confusing for people trying to find me - truely a "kluless" move on my part! For those of you who are wondering about "kluless"... KLU are my initials so it was just a natural progression.

As some of you know, Etsy does not allow you to change your shop name so the only recourse is to open a new shop. That means leaving behind your sales and feedback and hearts. Big sigh. Since I've only been open about a year I finally concluded I should just bite the bullet and make the leap sooner rather than later.

I have listed lots of new items including some of the vintage linens I picked up in my treasure hunts this summer PLUS a couple of my crochet necklaces. My shop has always been about sharing my plunder to fuel others' creativity so offering a finished product is a new adventure for me for sure!

I have changed out my Etsy Avatar and link on the left side of the blog and will add an Etsy Mini preview after I activate the listings. If you are an Etsy user please pop over and take a look and leave me a heart if you like what you see so my new little shop won't be sad and "heart-less". At least it isn't kluless!


Annette said...

The new shop is beautiful and I hearted it along with a couple of items!! The wicker lamp is perfect for the necklaces...I would never have thought of it. I know how much work was involved in the new shop and you did a fabulous job!! Good luck!!!

Susan said...

Hey the new shop is great. And I like the name. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment. You are right, I hate to use pieces of jewelry that I love. However I feel that way about all my "things" so I need to get over it. Have a great day. Susan

Denise said...

Thanks so much for stopping by. I'll have to check out your new Etsy store.