Saturday, August 28, 2010

What I Don't Collect

I never really think of myself as a "collector" in the literal sense of the word. I am more of an accumulator. I think of a collector as someone who sets out looking for some particular thing and there are just a few things I collect intentionally. I have collected vintage canning jars for 30 years. I collect vintage porcelain birds. I like the old ones with the shiny glaze but I even have a few with the matte finish in my office at work. I collect lace-edge milk glass plates. These are all things I intentionally look for when I am out junking. I collect them. On purpose.
And then there are all the things I just seem to accumulate and sooner or later I accumulate three of them and then I think to myself, well crap, now I have a collection. But I didn't mean to collect that. You know what I mean?
So. I was inspired by Laurie's collection challenges on the Magpie Ethel blog right here and Dawn's recent post about Book Love on The Feathered Nest over there and decided I might do a blog post every now and then about things I don't collect.
So here we go. You all know how I love a good "poke sack" of sewing notions. I have never bought a poke sack based on it containing pin and needles. Not once. But I have straight ones, curved ones, flat ones, sharp ones, dull ones, ones with every size and color of head, ones on cards, ones in boxes and bottles, safe ones and even diaper ones. And I keep them all in a vintage jewelry box like they were treasures.
Corsage pins. If somebody brings me a corsage I'm set.
Shiny foil. Who doesn't love shiny things...
Looks like I've even got the family covered.
Cute kitties!
That Susan, she could really sew!
Someday when I am dead and gone I can just see my kids holding that jewelry box and looking at each other like... What? Huh?


Diane said...

They don't make needle packages like they used to :) I love all of the old packaging as much as as the stuff that's inside of them.

Annette said...

Hahaha...loved this!! I have several collections that didn't start out that way. Amazing how that happens....

Into Vintage said...

I have to wonder what Susan is sewing straight up in the air like that? All of these are far more interesting than my boring Schmetz needle cases, especially the kitties. Love those.

French at hArt said...

Hi Kathy,
A very cute and funny post. I am glad you are going to be set if someone sends you a corsage. I was telling my mom that I read somewhere someone said that instead of being half full, her glass overflows. I couldn't remember where I read it but now I see it was here! We decided that we are that way too. I am glad I stopped by again.
Au Revoir,